Logistics in China Market 2018 Global Growth, Opportunities And Industry Analysis Forecast To 2020

Logistics -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2020

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With logistics infrastructure had been established, logistics industry is accelerating industrial structure adjusting, changing economy development and strengthening national economy.

In past few years, the total amount of China’s social logistics kept an upward trend, but the growth rate declined. In Jan.-Nov. 2015, the total amount of China’s external logistics reached RMB202.4 trillion with a growth rate of 5.8%.

Meanwhile, the structure of China’s logistics industry also changed in recent years. The growth rate of total amount of industrial goods logistics kept decreasing from 13.1% in 2014 to 6.1% in Jan.-Nov. 2015. While the total amount of renewable resources logistics showed an upward trend, increasing from approximately RMB0.32 trillion in 2009 to approximately RMB0.92 trillion in Jan.-Nov. 2015.

With China’s urbanization rate accelerated the construction industry will become the main force of construction of infrastructure, which will also promote the demand of logistics. Meanwhile, China’s e-commerce kept developing fast, the development of retail sales online was very quickly, the rapid growth of online retail sales is expected to further promote the demand for express delivery and logistics handling.

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Executive Summary
1 Development of Logistics Industry in China
1.1 Logistics Industry in National Economy
1.2 Development Analysis
1.3 Cost Analysis
1.1.1 Aggregate Logistics Cost
1.1.2 Logistics Transportation Cost Analysis
1.1.3 Logistics Keeping Cost
1.1.4 Logistics Management Cost
1.4 Government Regulation
1.5 Policy
2 Market Demand of Logistics Industry in China
2.1 Total Amount of Social Logistics
2.2 Total Amount of Industrial Goods Logistics
2.3 Total Amount of Import Logistics
2.4 Total Amount of Agricultural Product Logistics
2.5 Total Amount of Renewable Resources Logistics
3 Analysis of Logistics by Freight Transport Mode
3.1 Road Transport
3.1.1 Market Analysis
3.1.2 Development Analysis
3.2 Rail Transport
3.2.1 Market Analysis
3.2.2 SWOT Analysis
3.3 Air Transport
3.3.1 Market Analysis
3.3.2 Analysis of Volume of Air Freight Traffic
3.3.3 SWOT Analysis
3.4 Port Logistics
3.4.1 Analysis of Demands
3.4.2 Analysis of Supply
3.4.3 SWOT Analysis


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10 Competitiveness Analysis of Listed Logistics Company in China
10.1 CMST Development Co., Ltd.
10.1.1 Company Profile 117
10.1.2 Operation Analysis
10.1.3 Financial Indicator
10.1.4 Profitability Capability
10.1.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.1.6 Operation Ability
10.1.7 Cost Analysis
10.2 China Shipping Develop Co., Ltd.
10.2.1 Company Profile
10.2.2 Operation Analysis
10.2.3 Financial Indicator
10.2.4 Profitability Capability
10.2.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.2.6 Operation Ability
10.2.7 Cost Analysis
10.3 Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd.
10.3.1 Company Profile
10.3.2 Operation Analysis
10.3.3 Financial Indicator
10.3.4 Profitability Capability
10.3.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.3.6 Operation Ability
10.3.7 Cost Analysis
10.4 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd.
10.4.1 Company Profile
10.4.2 Operation Analysis
10.4.3 Financial Indicator
10.4.4 Profitability Capability
10.4.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.4.6 Operation Ability
10.4.7 Cost Analysis
10.5 China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd.
10.5.1 Company Profile
10.5.2 Operation Analysis
10.5.3 Financial Indicator
10.5.4 Profitability Capability
10.5.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.5.6 Operation Ability
10.5.7 Cost Analysis
10.6 Y.U.D Yangtze River Investment Industry Co., Ltd.
10.6.1 Company Profile
10.6.2 Operation Analysis
10.6.3 Financial Indicator
10.6.4 Profitability Capability
10.6.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.6.6 Operation Ability
10.6.7 Cost Analysis
10.7 Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.
10.7.1 Company Profile
10.7.2 Operation Analysis
10.7.3 Financial Indicator
10.7.4 Profitability Capability
10.7.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.7.6 Operation Ability
10.7.7 Cost Analysis
10.8 Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc.
10.8.1 Company Profile
10.8.2 Operation Analysis
10.8.3 Financial Indicator
10.8.4 Profitability Capability
10.8.5 Debt Paying Ability
10.8.6 Operation Ability
10.8.7 Cost Analysis
11 Competitiveness Analysis of Major Logistics Company in China
11.1 China Ocean Shipping(Group) Company
11.1.1 Company Profile
11.1.2 Logistics Business
11.1.3 Business Network
11.1.4 Operation Analysis
11.2 Sinotrans & CSC Holdings Co., Ltd.
11.2.1 Company Profile
11.2.2 Organization Structure
11.2.3 Logistics Business
11.2.4 Business Network
11.2.5 Operation Analysis
11.3 China Shipping (Group) Company
11.3.1 Company Profile
11.3.2 Logistics Business
11.3.3 Business Network
11.3.4 Operation Analysis
11.4 Kailuan group international logistics co., LTD
11.4.1 Company Profile
11.4.2 Logistics Business
11.4.3 Business Network
11.4.4 Operation Analysis
11.5 China National Materials Storage and Transportation Corporation
11.5.1 Company Profile
11.5.2 Logistics Business
11.5.3 Business Network
11.5.4 Operation Analysis
11.6 Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corporation
11.6.1 Company Profile
11.6.2 Logistics Business
11.6.3 Business Network
11.6.4 Operation Analysis
11.7 China Petroleum Transportation Corporation
11.7.1 Company Profile
11.7.2 Logistics Business
11.7.3 Business Network
11.7.4 Operation Analysis

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