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Dr. Richard N. Knowles PhD of Nagele, Knowles & Associates to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2018 / -- Our work experience affects our home life. Our home life affects our work. But when a workplace becomes a hostile environment, people can't be the best they can be, the organization cannot grow, and in some unfortunate cases, an incident of workplace violence may occur.

Dr. Richard N. Knowles PhD is co-founder of Nagele, Knowles & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in the full-spectrum of workplace violence.

“Workplace violence manifests in several ways. It can be psychological where somebody's being bullied or disrespected, which can snowball over time to somebody coming in with a gun,” says Dr. Knowles. “Our focus is to bring all the skills that we have in leadership, safety, HR to help the people in organizations learn how to be respectful. It is so critically important, not only for productivity, but for the people to become the best they can be.”

Because people often feel quite isolated in organizations, they tend to create turfs and cliques with insiders and outsiders. According to Dr. Knowles, it all begins with a lack of respect. Dr. Knowles and his associates utilize a propriety tool that helps people to engage in focused, disciplined conversations to identify the problems, solve them, and build the connections they need with other people.

“If they decide to work together to build trust and interdependence, tremendous energy and creativity are released,” says Dr. Knowles. “It can all happen quite quickly, in a day. Then we teach them how to sustain it.”

According to Dr. Knowles it all begins with the critical role of leaders. Leaders need to promote a culture that encourages people to speak openly and honestly about problems.

“Leaders must have a fundamental belief that people are trying to do the best they can,” says Dr. Knowles. “Everybody is trying to get a good day's work in; we need to work together. When we can do that, new possibilities become available. People begin to have the courage to step in and make the differences.”

When that happens, says Dr. Knowles, people within the organization become "leaderful.” When somebody sees something that needs to be done, they step forward and take initiative.”

Nagele, Knowles & Associates are generally brought in when a leader recognizes that their workplace is not working well, has become a hostile environment and wants to do something to rectify that—an intervention is needed. They also can be brought in following an incident of workplace violence. It might be some kind of newspaper article about sexual harassment or a bullying case or even a murder.

“These are tough things for businesses to deal with. Everyone loses. But if we can bring people together to work in a way that builds interdependence and trust, the people get much better. All it costs is for leaders to get out of the offices and connect with their people. That's where the effort is needed.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Richard N. Knowles in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on June 22nd at 10am EDT and with Jim Masters on June 29th at 10am EDT.

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