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DeckWise Employee Promotes Ipe Woods Competitor Advantage Lumber on Ipe Woods USA Facebook Page

DeckWise Employee Roderick Kabel Trolls Ipe Woods USA post to advocate for one of DeckWise's largest Customers Advantage Trim and Lumber

It is not emotional for me or our company it is all about the customer.”
— Steven Rossi

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, June 9, 2018 / -- Is standing out in front of your competitor’s business with a sign that says “Try this companies competition” bad business? In the age of social media, it is amazing to see what some companies are willing to do for business. Recently Ipe Woods USA experienced this when a DeckWise employee Roderick Kabel decided to write on their page that a Ipe Woods USA potential customer should “Try Advantage Trim & Lumber. Great prices and service!”.

This seemingly innocent referral though turns out not so innocent after all. It came to light shortly afterward that Roderick is, in fact, the Marketing Director for DeckWise, The Ipe Clip Fastener Company LLC and their customer is Advantage Trim and Lumber, Ipe Woods USA’s largest competitor in the United States.

Ipe Woods USA President then authorized the reply to Roderick from the official Ipe Woods USA Facebook page as follows “Roderick Kabel works for DeckWise who does a lot of business with Advantage Trim and Lumber. Instead of deleting your comment Roderick I'll just leave it here so people can decide if they want to work with companies that troll their competitor pages and write comments like that or ones that stand on their own two feet. To respond to his comment though a lot of people have purchased from Advantage Trim and Lumber in the past that's why I think it's so easy for us to sell to them after their experience there. We recommend anyone that has purchased from Advantage in the past and is unhappy give us an opportunity to show you why we were awarded the Houzz Best Customer Service Award for 2018.”

In effect business for Advantage Trim and Lumber is business for DeckWise since they buy so many products from DeckWise. Ipe Woods USA was a relatively unknown company in 2017 but has grown to be one of the leaders of online Ipe in 2018. It is not surprising to see companies attack a company that has made so many waves in an industry that had been dominated for so long. Currently, Ipe Woods USA promotes the Camo Clip system on their site. This was covered in an earlier release discussing the pros and cons of the two systems and why they chose to use the Camo Clips instead of Ipe Clips as their go to.

What was surprising was to see DeckWise a company that Ipe Woods USA sees in their jobs every day have their Marketing Director advocate on their Facebook post for their direct competitor. However, it turns out that the 2 companies have offices less than 3 miles apart. According to Google Maps, the drive takes less than 8 minutes. Ipe Woods USA’s President Steven Rossi said “It is not surprising that a company has a great relationship that is less than 3 miles apart. Ipe Woods USA though does business with whoever will supply our customer with the best products and not just a company that is close by. We buy from companies all over the country to ensure our customers get the best products for their project and their purchase. Interestingly enough, although a DeckWise employee is posting on our Facebook for Advantage Trim and Lumber, we still use some of their products from time to time. It is not emotional for me or our company it is all about the customer.”

Grant Harris
Ipe Woods USA
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