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Dr. Sydney Scott of The Alchemist Professors Returns to CUTV News Radio

NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 8, 2018 / -- In every part of our world we have leaders running countries, organizations, and businesses impacting every single life on earth. According to data a tremendous amount of these people in charge are running these organizations in ways that disengage their workers with disastrous consequences. This can change. Leaders can adapt with guidance and the result will be higher revenue with higher staff involvement.

Dr. Sydney Scott is an exceptional coach, consultant, trainer, educator and owner of the firm The Alchemist Professors.

“For the past 30 plus years my entire career has been creating a genuinely more impactful way to teach people to grasp the power of their emotions and thoughts, broadening perspectives and by providing impact and accountability,” says Dr. Sydney. “Consequently, I designed a fail proof program where my clients and students are empowered to become outstanding leaders.”

Dr. Scott was inspired by her father, an exceptional business man and phenomenal leader, who taught her at a young age what quality leaders embody and exemplify. Ten years later she completed her MBA in corporate finance an indication she could persevere and succeed and as an ultimate testament to her father. It was at that pivotal moment, Dr. Sydney Scott recognized she could not find unpretentious, truly self- effacing exceptional leaders prompting her to teach and coach leadership people skills, to empower those she works with to lead with an alignment of heart and mind and so do resolutely and efficiently.

“I teach what I do,” says Dr. Scott. “With an unwavering passion for my Doctorate of dissertation I wholeheartedly assist my students to acknowledge that their expertise and competitiveness is not what will honor them in the future but rather possessing solid, extraordinary, interpersonal skills and the profound ability to have empathy for other people.”

According to Dr. Scott learning theory and memorization is not an effective method to creating a great leader. She expertly teaches avenue to wise thinking- such establishing mindfulness and building resilence including the importance of meditating and vibrational medicine. Outstanding leaders possess the ability and keen insight to accept and acknowledge when they are wrong. Outstanding leaders know their role is to make those under them more impactful.

“My role as a coach is allowing individuals to envision a bigger world and make sense of it,” says Dr. Scott.
“People on top mistakenly assume by ordering people around they are a great leaders,” says Dr. Scott. “The energy starts at the top and it’s these essential lifestyle patterns that I effortlessly teach.”

True leaders must implement several factors to ensure they can operate at their best. This includes getting at least eight hours of sleep, meditating once a day, and getting plenty of exercise. Spending time in nature to uplift and improve one’s overall mood is also vital.

The boss who comes to work and thoughtfully buys the security guard coffee and wishes them a nice day are examples of people who are outperforming as leaders. Demeaning workers is not the proper way and could absolutely inflict stress on employees causing possible sickness and poor job performance.

“I educate the leader to be conscious of leading the energy,” says Dr. Scott. “If the leader is feeling moody adjust with a nice, relaxing walk and come back and ready to run things with grit and exemplary capability.”

CUTV news will feature Dr. Sydney Scott in a new four-part radio series. Her shows air on Friday June 8th at 3 p.m. EST, Friday June 15th at 3 p.m. EST, June 22nd at 3 p.m. EST, June and 29th at 3 p.m. EST.

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