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Focus Enhancing Wearable FOCI debuts on Kickstarter to Fight Digital Distraction

Fight Digital Distractions with FOCI

Fight Digital Distractions with FOCI

FOCI is a weapon designed to help people fight distractions in a world where they increasingly feel disempowered rather than empowered by technology.

CAMBRIDGE, UK, ENGLAND, June 6, 2018 / -- CAMBRIDGE, UK--(June 6, 2018). Tinylogics, a global leader in innovative consumer health products, is pleased to announce the launch of FOCI, Wearable that boosts focus, on June 6 at 1pm EST on Kickstarter. FOCI Wearable captures users’ diaphragmatic breathing signals, helps users visualize their cognitive states in the form of mind orbs, and empower them to fight distractions and improve focus, with its AI Mind Coach. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days with a fundraising goal of $10,000, and will feature the exclusive super early bird pricing of $59.

Social media and mobile technology are addictive, and harming our attention span,
according to mounting research. FOCI has been alpha testing at Cambridge University where
60% of the world’s brightest students believe they have a problem with digital
distraction. FOCI is a weapon designed to help people fight distractions in a world where they increasingly feel disempowered rather than empowered by technology.

Unplugging is not an option for most, so to combat distractions, FOCI applies machine learning to capture bio-signals that derive personal insights such as the wearer's real time cognitive states. The small biometric wearable device clips to the waist to track diaphragmatic neuro-respiratory signals to help FOCI profile each user within just 4 hours of use. A demo of this technology is published here ( a machine learning engine - FOCIAI, requires far less computation and training than current methods and understands with much greater accuracy.

Moreover, FOCI’s in-house AI Mind Coach acts as an advisory team to help people use these
personal insights to optimize their mental performance. This is the closest thing to having a real coach pick out mistakes made and provide real time advice to optimize focus. Inspired by the movie ‘Inside Out,’ FOCI’s app captures cognitive states as a stream of colored orbs to help users visualize their mind and understand themselves better. This form of visualization helps people intuitively understand complex emotions better.
FOCI also features:

• Focus Training: Cutting-edge technology to train users to tune into deeper focus.
• Positive Reinforcement: Gamification mechanism that challenges users to get into deeper focus while making it fun.
• Construction Intervention: Real-time feedback with step-by-step mind techniques to help catch distractions and manage attention fatigue.

Starting June 6, 2018 early birds can save when they purchase FOCI on Kickstarter with exclusive backer pricing starting at $59 (45% off). Worldwide shipping to backers is expected to start in October 2018. You can view the Kickstarter campaign here:

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