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Jamie Lynn Guyden of Evolve Integrative Care to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2018 / -- Too often in medicine today a doctor will treat a single condition or symptom by trying to intervene or manipulate the person on a biochemical level, such as shifting their hormones or treating pain with opioids. What might happen if instead, the doctor approached health in a manner that was holistic and bioenergetic rather than allopathic? What if they found new answers to disease, addressed the quantum field around the body, and guided the individual to self-heal? This kind of miracle is what Dr. Jamie Lunn Guyden now creates for her patients, and it’s one she experienced in her own personal journey after years of battling Lupus unsuccessfully. The shift in thinking and medical practice she once made is now being used to treat others and to help them heal and correct without traditional interventions. She has named it Evolve Integrative Care, a name she never realized would ring so true as she watches the evolution of herself and her clients everyday.

According to Dr. Guyden, the greatest medicine of all is to teach people not to need it. She helps patients rely on their own bodies, their own energy, and their own limitless potential to move beyond disease. Using the principles of bio-energetics (an easily understood meld of biology and energetics) she receives information by scanning the quantum field around the body and in turn, guides the body get the information it needs the successfully heal. She further offers all the understanding and tools for it to heal. The program she has built for clients requires some adjustments in nutrition and personal habits, and all those external things needed to nourish a client—physically, emotionally, spiritually-- so that they can become the energetic beings they were meant to be. With this model, she engages with a client for six months.

Scanning the bio-field is very different from the type of medical scans we are familiar with. The Space Resonance Matching inherent to the scanning device that Dr. Guyden uses is derived from the science of Peter H. Fraser, LAc., who discovered the human body field, and later with the assistance of Harry Massey, the ProVision biotechnology that she utilizes. Bioenergetics integrates physics and biology and allows for the natural communication between our chemical bodies and our energy bodies, both of which are dependent on each other. Dr. Guyden notes that this novel way of viewing the body answers many questions in science that currently in biology we don't have answers to, like how a single fetal cell knows how to divide itself into multiple, unique cells and develop into a living, breathing baby. She believes that bioenergetics medicine is the future of our medical model.

Dr. Guyden graduated medical school in her late 20’s and is still a practicing doctor today. She went through additional medical training to get her degree in integrative and functional medicine. She no longer has signs or symptoms of Systemic Lupus and requires no medication for this autoimmune disease either. Dr. Guyden is delighted to have made this shift in practice (and life) and looks forward to sharing her passion and knowledge with clients who are also ready to live healthier, more energetic lives with purpose.

CUTV News will feature Dr. Jamie Lynn Guyden in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, May 29 at 12:00 p. m. EDT.

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