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G-PMC Makes Bold Move Submitting Offer to ISO Certify President Trump's Administration and White House

G-PMC Proposes To ISO Certify The White House

G-PMC is one of the few ISO certification registrars without any ties to infamous accrediting groups linked to foreign nations hostile to American interests

If President Trump wants to drain the swamp, he needs an independent oversight body outside of the State Department and without any ties to the China-led International Accreditation Body (IAF) ”
— Henry Kroger, ABAC Accreditation Program

WASHINGTON, DC, US, May 22, 2018 / -- It's no secret that in recent memory the White House has experienced a number of significant leaks. G-PMC hopes to change this with a second-to-none ISO certified program designed to increase standards in this area that would tighten up information security standards. See

Washington DC - It's not hard to be shocked by the amount of sensitive information that seems to be leaked from the White House on a near-daily basis. Most often this paints Donald Trump, the POTUS, and his programs, policies, and strategies in a poor light. Stepping up to try to help is ISO certification experts G-PMC, led by the deeply experienced professional and patriot Daryl Guberman. Mr. Guberman recently announced the nation's most sought after federally recognized ISO registrar G-PMC submitted an ambitious proposal to ISO certify both the POTUS and the White House in a concentrated effort to prevent the trend of information leaks, which could potentially endanger not just the White House's reputation, but even national security.

“I'm familiar with how Washington insiders work and how lax they can be discussing private over a drink with people who have no business being privy to this knowledge,” commented Mr. Guberman, CEO and founder of the Guberman-PMC, LLC. “Our proposal, if put into place, would have a dramatic effect, we are certain, in keeping White House information much more secure.”

According to Mr. Guberman, he has over 30 years of personal experience, with G-PMC having over seven years of work in providing high-quality ISO certification. It's his powerful belief, that history has shown when organizations of all kinds are held to strong ISO certification standards, they operate more efficiently and securely, and the White House is no exception. G-PMC's proposal was delivered to White House staff roughly a year ago, with information now returning that it is being seriously considered.

G-PMC, an ABAC accredited registrar, is one of the few ISO certification bodies without any ties to organizations, or accrediting groups, linked to foreign nations broadly hostile to American interests. This fact clearly points to G-PMC being a logical first candidate should the White House, wisely choose to act on their reoccurring problems regarding standards and practices.

In addition to his work as the CEO of G-PMC, Daryl Guberman also has very keen political insight, often sharing his political positions online and off and is strongly considering running as a Senatorial Candidate in 2022.

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About G-PMC, LLC
G-PMC Group, LLC (DBA G-PMC Registrars) is an internationally accredited certification body that carries a distinct accreditation and a distinct mission compared to the accepted norms in the world of quality. We are a single accredited registrar, which means better adherence to standards and practices to issue certifications to customers. The customer will not only have better protocol, but just as important, real service and support, because of G-PMC’s, unique position and characteristics in the quality industry. This means G-PMC has the authority to register organizations, recognizing them for their Quality Management System’s (QMS) integrity and in addition truly “Adding Value” to a company and/or corporation.

At G-PMC, we have over 30 years of quality knowledge and experience so that our customer can achieve their ISO certification in a cost-effective manner and timely fashion, while confidently knowing that they have the continued backup of their registrar. We are the only ones who offer this advantage.

Richard Milton
Guberman-PMC, LLC
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How An ISO 9001 Certified White House Benefits The American People - DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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