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Del Mar & Associates Brings Businesses to the US

Del Mar & Associates are as dedicated to their clients as they are to their clients' businesses.

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2018 / -- Noe Del Mar has been in the industry of helping both businesses and families come to the United States for 18 years.

In that time, he opened his own firm in 2002 and has helped clients internationally for nearly two decades.

Garnering U.S. citizenship is hard enough. Bringing a business to the United States has its own set of challenges.

Del Mar & Associates is dedicated to bringing businesses to the United States.

Their expertise, connections to resources and international trade make Del Mar & Associates the perfect firm for the job.


Del Mar himself isn’t the only person in the firm who has an abundance of passion and experience. Highly educated, passionate and specialty-driven personalities help make this team successful.

Del Mar & Associates can help with filing the appropriate paperwork to get a business brought to the U.S. However, that’s only the beginning.

This firm fosters a lifelong relationship with clients. So, with that in mind, they have become a powerhouse of helpful resources and expertise.

Whether the business needs accounting, insurance, trade or expansion, Del Mar & Associates can assist.


Del Mar & Associates deals with a plethora of business and immigration cases each year. Therefore, they have a unique insight into loans and international financing.

Del Mar & Associates have garnered relationships with financial institutions worldwide.

This has made the firm internationally revered. For businesses, this means that the firm can broker deals and secure finances that other institutions cannot.

Plus, with their esteemed reputation, the firm can negotiate the details of the loan to the needs of their client.

So, if a business wants to come to the U.S. but doesn't have the funds, Del Mar & Associates has the ability to find a viable option.

International Trade

In addition to having connections within the financial sector, Del Mar & Associates also has connections with international trade.

Recognized as an International Trading Company in 2002, the firm has propelled its relationships through international trade exponentially.

The ability to broker deals internationally is an asset for getting a business into the U.S., as well as expansion.

This business asset can become continuously beneficial when the entrepreneur wants to broker a deal for foreign goods. This relationship can become essential if those goods are a key component of the product or service.

To close, Del Mar is a business owner too, so he understands how important it is to keep the passion alive, even throughout the process of citizenship. That is why Del Mar and his team are so dedicated to helping fellow business owners establish their businesses in the United States.

Bringing businesses to the U.S. is a benefit to all Americans. Not only does it stimulate the economy, it helps the U.S. infuse culture into the place where the business settles.

Therefore, it is an invaluable asset. Del Mar & Associates understands that.

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