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Emotion Code Healer Ginger Spears to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2018 / -- For some people, being a healer is a course of learning, for others it’s a discovered calling, for some it’s an inherent trait, and some a passionate interest. For Ginger Spears, herbalist, organization specialist and Emotion Code Practitioner, healing is all-of-the-above. Ginger has so many skills and dimensions she has even named her practice and its Facebook page Sharing My Many Skills.

Ginger has always known she wanted to be a healer and now has had a lifetime of experiences in natural healing modalities, many that she learned from her father, who was a self-taught herbalist, iridologist and Jack-of-all-Trades. She decided to take things a step further by learning all the intricacies of loose leaf herbs and how to mix them into different creams, teas, and salves and she now runs her own apothecary. Ginger loves to use all of her skills to help others, she has also worked as a professional organizer and has been flown to people’s homes to help them get life all sorted out and organized.

While she is great at healing others she also works for the State protecting children and families, as her alter ego. Ginger herself was not in a healthy state of being most of her life. She suffered multiple traumas as a youth, including rape and emotional abuse, and had been carrying around emotional baggage that weighed her down. When she came upon a webinar about The Emotion Code and Doctor Bradley Nelson’s theories, she had to explore further. Getting heart-wall work from another practitioner helped Ginger discover negative feelings that stemmed back to childhood, and emotions that were trapped preventing her progression. As time went on, The Emotion Code helped her become more confident, aware and invested in life, and able to finally move forward with purpose.

According to Ginger, we easily process positive emotions; we laugh when we are happy and tell stories about things that are exciting to us. Negative emotions, like terror and fear are different, and we don’t process or share them, we avoid, ignore, stuff it down or deny it happened--which causes those feelings to be trapped. As an Emotion Code Practitioner, Ginger connects energetically with people--in person, over the phone, by email or as a proxy--who are having emotional, physical or spiritual issues, and finds and releases the negative emotions causing their problems. For instance, there is a young woman client who had suffered constant mental breakdowns because of past traumas and anxieties, and now after working together, they have greatly lessened and she is able to progress. Once you discover the inherent reasons, and the way emotions manifest as disease, you can move towards living in a more positive way. You take back your energy and things can start feeling right again.

Ginger has now become certified in The Emotion Code and is soon in training for The Body Code system. She wants to grow her energy healing work and hopes to use her knowledge and skills with people of all ages who have experienced physical/sexual abuse that stops them from living their fullest and happiest lives.

Many of Ginger’s clients learned about her through referrals; they hear about a salve that helped a friend or coworker’s ailments, was bragged about to friends after a home got organized, and now as an energy healer. Ginger also encounters people through social media and lists services and rates on her sites. She is currently working on a new website and soon you can expect to find the Sharing My Many Skills name in more and more places.

CUTV News will feature Ginger Spears in an interview with Jim Masters on Fri, May 18 at 8:00pm EDT

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