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Author Hilaire Tavenner to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LORAIN, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2018 / -- Life is full of numerous paths to take and we must all decide what vocation we wish to pursue. For many of us there are more than one career and goals we elect to follow and when we do our lives become ultimately fulfilling and full of promise.

Hilaire Tavenner is a former Franciscan nun, educator and esteemed author of eight books and over a hundred published articles and short stories.

“For aspiring writers I unreservedly recommend write what you know and what you’re most exceedingly passionate about,” says Hilaire. “In doing so you will categorically produce something more indelibly enduring and profoundly informative. I have written about things that interested me most.”

Her books include “Nun of This and Nun of That: Book One, Beginnings” which is about how the convent creates a nun out of a teenage girl. “Nun of This and Nun of That: Book Two, Making Vows” is what it is like living in community with other nuns. “A Portrait of Helen Steiner Rice,” is a short biography of one of America’s most famous poets from Lorain, OH. “My Friendship with Elizabeth Ann Seton,” is about the life of Mother Seton and the relationship Dr. Tavenner has had with America’s first native born saint. “Memories of Mom; They Called her Dutch” is the life of Hilaire Tavenner’s mother, her husband, parents, children, etc. It is a tribute to all good mothers, and Dr. Tavenner created this book because her mother was her best friend, and life inspiration. “France, 1996: Memoirs of a writer in France,” “Peru, 2002: Memoirs of a writer in Peru,” and “Puerto Rico, 2006: Memoirs of a writer in Puerto Rico,” are three travel books which record the adventures of her travails, complete with history and culture, respectively.

At the young age of seventeen Hilaire entered the convent and became a Franciscan nun. After twenty years, she came to believe that God had other plans for her life and decided to leave the convent. Hilaire had taught for 15 years as a nun in Syracuse, Albany and Fulton, New York, in Lorain, Ohio, in Tampa Florida and in Caguas, Puerto Rico before leaving the community. She taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grades, mostly science and religion. After leaving the convent, she pursued and earned a doctorate in Education from the University of South Florida. Later, she taught for various colleges and universities. [University of South Florida in Tampa, Cleveland State University, Tiffin University in Ashland, OH, and Lorain County Community College. ] For 3 years, she was a Director of Education for a Sylvan Learning Center. Dr.Tavenner taught GED and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes (Adult Education) to immigrants for 13 years, and tutored before retiring in 2016. Resolutely believing immigrants can only thrive in our society when they learn our English language. In between, she wrote and published her eight books.

“I started the International Writers Association nineteen years ago to honor Helen Steiner Rice,” says Hilaire. “We are a magnificent, dedicated group of almost 60 writers who hold writer’s conferences, support, encourage, educate, inform and share our short stories, poetry, and plays with other aspiring writers.” “About 50 of our writers are in the United States, and about 10 live in other countries around the world.”

She wholeheartedly recommends writers to remain resolute and thick skinned as she was rejected seventy five times while trying to get published the traditional way, a costly endeavor until she finally decided to self -publish and achieved her success.

“Since I was a child I listened to my inner voice and that’s what I encourage all individuals to do,” says Hilaire. “That incisive voice is God who leads us throughout our journey. Our first prayer should be ‘God, Your holy will, not mine! What is it that you want me to do?’ When you follow Him, you will be immersed in peace and joy, because if it’s all about your ego, you will most likely, not find the lasting happiness you may seek.” Not that any life is easy! I always say, “The greater the good, the greater the adversity” but the adversity is doable and fruitful if one seeks and stays close to TRUTH.

“Memories of Mom,” is one of Hilaire’s most poignant books. It is about her cherished mother, tragically stricken with emphysema after being addicted to nicotine for 40 years. Hilaire left Florida and returned to live with her mother when the doctor insisted her mother needed to be in a nursing home. When she asked the doctor, “How long do you think my mother has to live?” He answered, “Maybe six months.” But because Hilaire went home, and kept her mother in the same family home her mother had known for nearly 50 years, her mother lived six years, not six months. “It was the honor of a lifetime, to be able to return even some of the love my mother so generously imparted to me throughout my life. Mom loved all seven of her children with an unconditional, beautiful, and generous spirit!”

“I’m extremely proud of all my books and the accomplishments God has made possible throughout my life! Teaching about 3,000 children, about 2,000 adults, helping mom, writing books and giving countless speeches along the way” says Hilaire. “It brings me absolute delight and gratification that I will leave behind a legacy of service and good will.”

CUTV news will feature Hilaire Tavenner in an interview with Jim Masters Wednesday May 16th EST.

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