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Two States, One Law Firm - Kentuckiana Firm Seeks to Help Clients “Across the Divide”

McNeely Stephenson says that the ability to serve clients in Indiana and Kentucky puts them in the unique position of offering flexible, wide-ranging legal representation to more clients.

New Albany, Indiana, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attorneys must pass a state’s bar exam before they are licensed to practice in that state. For clients who live near a state’s boundary and frequently travel across state lines, finding an attorney that can follow them across that boundary can be a challenge. The attorneys at McNeely Stephenson said that this is one reason they have broadened their practice to serve clients on both sides of the Ohio River.



“There’s a great reason this area is called ‘Kentuckiana’.” said Dana Eberle-Peay. “So many people live in Indiana and commute to work in Kentucky, or vice versa.”


Eberle-Peay, a family law attorney at McNeely Stephenson, has experience crossing the river as part of a normal routine. She is a Floyd County native who attended the University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and shortly thereafter passed the bar in Indiana. She is now licensed to practice law in both states.


Eberle-Peay said she understands the challenges clients face when seeking an attorney who can cross state lines.


“Finding an attorney with whom you’re comfortable that also meets your legal needs can be challenging,” Eberle-Peay said. “Finding another attorney who practices in another state is even more challenging. Fortunately, we’re able to help simplify the lives of our clients on that front.”


McNeely Stephenson attorneys Larry Church, Gary Banet, Steve Langdon, Jason Lopp, Dana Eberle-Peay and Marc Tawfik are licensed in both Indiana and Kentucky, allowing the firm to offer legal services ranging from family law to criminal defense in both states.


Mr. Church is another example of this cross-state mentality of McNeely Stephenson. Originally from Portsmouth, Ohio, Church works out of the New Albany office He is licensed to practice in Kentucky, Indian and Ohio, he typically handles civil litigation and mediation cases.


“Many people naturally take state lines for granted, particularly when they cross them every day,” Church said. “But the Ohio River is just one thing that separates these communities. The different legal systems present a completely different type of barrier. We’re happy to be able to bridge that gap for our clients.”


The New Albany branch of McNeely Stephenson assists clients in legal matters involving several case types, including elder care and estate planning, real estate, family disputes and criminal defense. McNeely Stephenson has represented clients in more than 90 counties throughout Indiana and Kentucky and tried cases in at least 15 states.

Larry Church
McNeely Stephenson, New Albany