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Resilience Coach Dr. Madelyn Blair Returns to CUTV News Radio

JEFFERSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2018 / -- Throughout the world leaders run countries, businesses, and vital organizations that imminently affect our every day lives. But leaders are confronted every day with changes, interruptions, confusion. These are times when they can make mistakes and experience downfalls. What they need is resilience and the capacity to understand how critical it is to their performance and their organizations. When there is a top- notch advisor that can educate these leaders, it can be a recipe for success and overall achievement.

Madelyn Blair is an exceptional leadership resilience coach, key note speaker, and author of the books “Riding the Current” and “Essays in Two Voices.”

“Resilience is more than just a positive frame of mind,” says Madelyn. “It pertains to taking action when you hit a snag or an unexpected block. The root of resilience means to jump and take action and that is precisely what great leaders must do in order to continually be effective.”

For over thirty years Madelyn ran a top notch small boutique consulting firm till she reached a turning point where she aspired to effectively communicate the vast wisdom she had acquired. Always innately interested in learning, her motto being “If I’m not learning I’m not living,” Madelyn constantly observed the world around her and her natural curiosity prompted her to her ultimate calling. She pursued her undergraduate degree is math and her PhD in organizational psychology. Madelyn also credits her extraordinary mother, an intense learner, who encouraged and inspired her to help others.

Madelyn ingeniously teaches her four daily practices and how every single person can build their resilience if they have the will to do so. It begins with 5 minutes of silence each day, the key being to get yourself in a quiet place and sit in silence so you can focus on listening to that quiet voice in your mind for guidance.

“I understand a great deal how managers lead people and in particular how they do it to create more resilience for themselves and their organization,” says Madelyn.

With a blog on Psychology today entitled “Resilient leaders,.” workshops, coaching and speaking engagements, Dr. Blair teaches her “phenomenal four,” a set of daily practices that boot resilience.

“My four daily practices are about enhancing, releasing, and unlocking your resilience,” says Madelyn. “You can definitely achieve it with these practices. Many people deal with resilience from a theoretical standpoint whereas I do it from a practical standpoint.”

For Madelyn her work is humbling and she takes great pride when people inform her how their whole lives have been transformed through her teachings and advice.

“Everything I communicate has an impact so I must always be careful to choose my words wisely,” says Madelyn. “My understanding about resilience comes from reading quality books and doing my own research.”

Madelyn has observed resilient people and their remarkable qualities. These individuals make the choice to be resilient in those times of crisis. According to Madelyn resilience is a question of choice and if you prepare yourself to be strong, know yourself, and recognize that you really can make the choice to be resilient, you will not be overwhelmed. We all possess the capacity to learn to be resilient.

“The key is you can choose to be resilient,” says Madelyn. “Every single one of us gains a tremendous amount of power when we make our own choices.”

CUTV news will feature Madelyn Blair in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, May 15th at 2 p.m. EST, Tuesday May 22nd at 2 p.m. EST and May 29th at 2 p. m. EST.

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