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Why Real Estate Agents Need Reddit & Quora?

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, May 15, 2018 / -- Reddit

Reddit users are often referred to as Redditors. You begin by registering yourself on Reddit and then leaving comments and sharing information with other Redditors. Users can upvote or downvote the things you post and the popularity of your post will depend on how many upvotes it gets from other users.

To become a seasoned Reddit user, you will have to understand that there are several subreddits to explore. As a realtor, you will be interested in subreddits related to real estate. There are lots of topics which are covered and you will find extensive discussions on various subreddits. There is a subreddit for Real Estate Investing where redditors share their knowledge of investing in different types of real estate and other real estate investment related discussion.

You will notice a lot of abbreviations being thrown around by other Reddit users like OP (Original Poster), TIL (Today I Learned) and AMA (Ask Me Anything). With time, you will begin to understand them clearly and use them more often in your posts as well. Real estate agents use Reddit to showcase their knowledge about a region or about the real estate industry. This helps them get new clients through the community and increases their visibility on the internet.

Reddit is not the average social media platform, which we have discussed earlier. With online marketing becoming tougher by the day, it is important that real estate agents explore various means of gaining traction and increasing their presence in the online space. For someone who is new, Reddit is best seen as a message board where people post their opinions, thoughts, and questions related to any topic.

If a subreddit already exists then the users can look for answers or comment on that subreddit directly but if there is no subreddit for the topic that they would like to discuss, then a new subreddit can be created and the creator can be the king of that subreddit.

However, it is not important that the creator of the subreddit gets the limelight. If you want to capture the attention of fellow Redditors then you must stay active in the community and post regularly, comment on other user posts and answer questions according to your knowledge. All comments and answers will be open for votes. If you get more upvotes then the karma points for your profile will increase. Karma points are shown at the top right corner of your Reddit account. The higher your karma points, the greater your authority in the community. All new users start low with karma. Being active and responding knowledgeably to the questions asked by other users will gradually help you get more karma points.

Reddit is free for all but users have the option to take up a premium membership program, which allows them to try out new features before it is released for everyone. It is known as Reddit Gold. You do not have to invest in a Reddit Gold account to gain popularity on the platform, this is only a way to support the community and get some extra features.

You will find Reddit to be a great community where you can quickly and easily interact with lots of people, who may either be realtors or who may be interested in buying or selling properties. It is like a community of people trying to help each other out.

Reddit has been criticized for certain subreddits which were considered negative and unwanted by other users but the website has started taking lots of steps to ensure that they are able to maintain a strong community where explicit content can be immediately removed.

Etiquettes are a big thing on Reddit. Every subreddit has a set of rules which other users must adhere to. Before you begin posting on a subreddit you must make sure that you fully understand the rules and regulations of using or posting on that subreddit. If you violate the rules then you may end up being heckled or banned for your actions.

Being the authority on Reddit does not require any special track record as a realtor. You can be a rookie agent and still become popular on Reddit by actively answering questions and commenting on posts. It is important to understand the questions users post and then try to respond as accurately and clearly as possible so that your response is seen as useful for other users.


Like Reddit, Quora is also a community of users who discuss a wide range of topics. On Quora users ask questions about various topics so that experienced people can answer these questions to help them and others who are looking for an answer to the same question.

You may ask – How does answering questions on Quora help?

The answer is that people who are planning to buy or sell property may have many questions about real estate which they may want to research online. Since Quora is one of the best places to ask questions, they may end up looking for answers here.

As a real estate agent, if you answer questions for other users, you will be seen as an agent who has a firm hold in the industry and who understand real estate very well. This may encourage more users to contact you to buy and sell properties especially because more people are depending on the internet to find a reliable real estate agent.

So how could a real estate agent become an authority on Quora?

• Staying Active

Every online space where you want to stand out requires a considerable amount of time and effort vested into it. Whether it is social media platforms, creating YouTube videos or being a part of an online community, you must spend enough time on these platforms to become a reliable source for other users.

User engagement has become extremely important for all businesses. As a realtor, you and your team will be required to spend a considerable amount of time on various online spaces. Quora is used frequently by many people all over the world. And many people ask question-related to realty hoping for answers from experts of the industry.

By answering their questions quickly you are able to establish how knowledgeable you are about real estate and how important their questions are for you.

• Answering Insightfully

Quick answers, however, do not call for inaccurate information. You must make sure that your answers are backed with proof and are insightful. This increases the value of your answer over other answers to the same question.

It has been noticed that people find it easier to read through bullet points and small sentences. So make sure that you also consider readability for your answers on Quora making it easy for your users to read and understand your answers.

• Share links to your blogs and websites when applicable

Many times, the questions that people are asking have already been answered by you on your blog or on a social media post. In cases like these, you can share concise answer and direct the users to the blog post or article which expands on the answer.

By doing this you will also be able to draw the users to your website increasing the chances of getting more visibility for your property listing and your real estate firm.

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