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K2 Energy Solutions Inc. Partners with FullRiver Battery to Unlock the potential of the new PowerVault Energy System

PowerVault by FullRiver and K2 Energy

PowerVault by FullRiver and K2 Energy Close up

The PowerVault will deliver driving change to the power vehicle market by utilizing K2 Energy’s chemistry... capabilities inside Full River’s safe, secure, and well-designed system”
— Cameron De Vries
HENDERSON, NV, USA, May 10, 2018 / -- The PowerVault Energy System is a Lithium Class III Power Pack offered by FullRiver Battery. This Energy system is powered by K2 Energy’s acclaimed Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry and is the ideal solution for Power Integrated Vehicles, such as Fork Lifts.

The PowerVault Energy system can charge as quickly as 4 hours, and even with a standard IC Series 650 the battery is recharged in 6 hours. The labor savings, removal of downtime, charging energy efficiency, and less energy lost as heat show the power and possibility of this system. The PowerVault Energy System demonstrates Lithium is the clear victor over Lead-acid by removing the danger of acid leaks or splashes and freeing an entire room set aside to maintain or “water” difficult Lead-acid batteries. The switch from Lead-acid to Lithium has never been easier. The PowerVault Energy System is designed to be “plug and play” transferable to take over old lead-acid positions with ease and efficiency.

“The new PowerVault Energy System combines the very best of K2 Energy Solutions and FullRiver Battery.” K2’s Business Development Manager Cameron De Vries explains, “The PowerVault will deliver driving change to the power vehicle market by utilizing K2 Energy’s chemistry for amazing cycle life and depth of discharge capabilities inside Full River’s safe, secure, and well-designed system.” De Vries continues, “K2 Energy looks forward to the success of the new Powervault and is honored to stand alongside FullRiver Battery in offering this new battery system to the industry. K2 understands the potential of these systems and will continue innovating to produce solutions like this across the field.”

FullRiver Battery manufactures maintenance-free AGM batteries for a variety of applications around the world. Using only the highest quality materials, FullRiver Battery formulates their batteries to maximize life cycles, increase reserve capacity, and enhance the quality of the machines they power. FullRiver batteries come in a fully sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free package.

K2 Energy offers turnkey solutions while utilizing a strong engineering knowledge base encompassing the cell to pack and system levels while being able to optimize battery solutions to achieve customer goals. K2 Energy was founded in the growing technology hub of Henderson, Nevada in 2006, and is a leading developer and producer of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which are used in many advanced medical, industrial, and military applications as well as powering a variety of electric vehicles. K2 produces both energy-optimized and power-optimized products, which have a multitude of consumer, product, safety, and environmental benefits.

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K2 Energy
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