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GiveCentral announces the launch of three new products – GC Events, GC Community and Fundraising for the Future

Great news! Save the date – May 17th for our special product launch event. We have been listening to your feedback & are excited to share our new capabilities.

People in the nonprofit space should save the date for May 16th and 17th. This is when GiveCentral is planning to have a steering committee meeting and a formal launch of its three new products – GC Events, GC Community and Fundraising for the Future. These are not only going to make the act of fundraising easier for nonprofits but are also set to revolutionise the way it is done.

Schedule and Agenda

The steering committee meeting is on May 16th, the agenda for which includes the following: Preview of upcoming product launches, updated case stories on parish and school success stories, Ways to maximize grant dollars for schools, market trends and the ways to reduce costs and risks by the use of technology, etc. This is followed by the formal product launch on May 17th.

Products to be launched

Let’s have a look at the three products and how they could help shape things for nonprofits.

GC Events

This product could help to make event management easier, more successful and less costly. Recently, it has helped to raise up to $39K in less than 5 minutes for a charity with their average gift size almost doubling. GC Events not only helps raise money in real time but also allows donors to set recurring gifts in seconds.

GC Community

This product could help to make it easier for nonprofits to keep a track of their community. It allows small and mid-sized charities to instantly access information all at one place. Updating information is quick and easy. Relationships and contact information are easy to find and mobile friendly.

Fundraising for the Future

This product deals with the challenge of resources by helping nonprofits find these. It helps them with communications improving their annual appeal and recurring giving. With this, resources for the short or long term could be provided for and knowledge could be transferred easily. Resource availability would no longer be a barrier to success.

GiveCentral is inviting people across the nonprofit spectrum to join them on this occasion of product launch and tell their success stories. GiveCentral not only wants to share information about their services but also learn from the experiences of people to help them serve better.

Dina Hadziselimovic
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