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Should You Pay for Zillow Premier Agent or Not

Real Estate Marketing

LOS ANGELES, CALILFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2018 / -- Zillow is used by a large number of people who plan to buy or sell homes. As one of the most popular real estate advertising platforms, Zillow has lots of data and many benefits for Real Estate agents. While a free Zillow registration can help agents get started on the platform, a paid account has a lot more advantages to offer.

• Premier Agents Enjoy Exclusivity and Higher Visibility

By paying for a premier agent plan, a realtor has the benefit of enjoying higher visibility because premier agents are shown next to the listings. Property listings claimed by premier agents will not have any other agents listed on that property listing. It helps realtors enjoy exclusivity especially when they are in a very competitive market.

On the other hand, a premier agent does not have to deal with competition because the realtor is exclusively featured on their listing. The are no other agents on the image below except the real estate agent who owns the property listing.

There are two main ways in which you can get a premier agent plan on Zillow.

• The zip code on which you are featured
Homes sell at different rates in different areas. This is why zip codes play an important role. The real estate market within New York itself is different depending on the zip code of the area where you buy the house.

Homes in premium zip code areas sell very high while those in less popular regions are less expensive. A real estate agent operating in the Beverly Hills region would generally end up selling homes for more than a million dollars while those in a less premium place like Anchorage mentioned in the photo above sells around $250,000. So, the Beverly Hills agent would end up paying more to advertise on property listings in this region rather than the agent who advertises in the Anchorage region.

• The number of times your advertisement is seen by users

Another way in which Zillow charges premier agents is by charging them according to Cost per thousand impressionsб which is referred to as CPM.

An ad impression is a term used for the point in which an advertisement is displayed on a web page. If the CPM is $2 then you will be paying $2 for having your listing display thousand times on Zillow’s web page.

A relatively less expensive market will see lower costs per thousand impressions while high end markets see higher costs. A realtor can end up paying anywhere between $20 to more than $60 for every thousand impressions. By impressions, Zillow refers to the number of views your ads get. The CPM varies according to the zip code in which the advertisement is being shown.

Using Zillow to be able to enjoy higher views and more leads can be a great way of maximizing profits. Even after paying for the premier agent costs, Zillow can help realtors gain a good Return on Investments (ROI) and increase their market reputation. Whether you are starting out as a new agent or you have been a seasoned realtor in your market, here are a few things that can help you get the best ROI through your investments on Zillow.

1. Choosing the right zip code
Many real estate agents who are just starting out on Zillow feel that they should pick the most expensive zip code in their area of operation so that they can attract clients who are interested in buying expensive homes, which means that they will be earning a bigger pay. However, as attractive as this may sound, picking the right zip code can be very helpful for agents who are new in the market.

You must pick the zip code, which you know perfectly well. This way you will be able to serve your clients easily without any doubts about which is the best restaurant, the best schools and the most happening pubs in the city. People always like realtors who are experts in the local area.

Choosing the right zip code is also important because all buyers and sellers would like to know which zip code you have sold homes in before and if it is different from the zip code in which you are advertising then it is highly likely that they will choose some other realtor who has sold in that zip code over you.

2. Spend time on creating an attractive profile
We spend a lot of time on creating attractive advertising materials for the business but sometimes the very core of the business which is the profile that your users will be viewing is an extremely weak one. Users prefer profiles that are strong and which include all information that they would want to know for a realtor.

o Choose an appealing photo, which looks good in the small profile pic area of your Zillow profile. Ideally, realtors choose close-ups of the face.

o Your profile must feature an interesting bio which highlights your knowledge of the area and your experience in the market.

o Add a link that can take your audience to your personal website where they can view all your listings. This eliminates the chance of losing the customer to another realtor since Zillow is so full of competition.

o Use a profile video to add more value to your bio
If you look carefully at different realtor profiles on Zillow, you will eventually realize that uniqueness is one thing that pays off really well. Make your profile stand out with a high-quality profile picture, a professionally shot video and good content that explains why a user should choose you. By doing this you will be able to make your profile unique.

3. Have your clients review you
Some agents on Zillow do not have any reviews and there are others who have lots of positive reviews. As a potential customer would you gravitate towards an agent who hasn’t been reviewed yet or the one who has many positive reviews?

Reviews help customers choose from several agents available in a region. So choose around 10 of your last clients who were happy with your services and request them to review you on Zillow. It will create a positive impact on your Zillow profile.

Once you start communicating with customers through Zillow, make it a habit to ask them to review you on Zillow. The good thing is that Zillow always moderates the reviews and all fake reviews are deleted. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about competitors using fake reviews to surpass you.

4. Be responsive
A potential customer will usually contact a handful of realtors and then try to sift the ones that he feels are capable of helping them in the best way. So, it is important that you respond to your customers as quickly as possible. Begin by setting up an auto-responder through Zillow, which will assure your customer that you really want to work with them.

But the auto-responder is just the first step. Try to respond as early as possible through a personal message as well. Customers always feel good when they have a real person reach out to them instead of a robot’s response. Through your personal message, you can talk to them about the property they are interested in and also show other similar property listings that you own.

Additionally, ask your users questions about their preferences for buying a property so that they can reply and engage in a conversation with you.

5. Don’t give up on your leads (prospects)
The last thing you should think of is to let your leads stagnate. Let them think of you every now and then by dropping in messages, emails or newsletters which will keep you in their minds whenever they want to buy or sell a home.

This can also have your leads refer others who may be thinking of buying or selling a home. One of the most effective ways of marketing your services is through emails. Send newsletter (Refer to Chapter 7) with new property listings, and other information related to real estate, which helps your consumers know how much knowledge you have of the area and the industry.

Newsletters encourage trust in your clients; which means that there is a higher chance that these leads would choose you for buying or selling properties.

As one of the most popular platforms for real estate advertisements, Zillow plays an important role in your real estate marketing strategy. It requires a considerable amount of time and effort to be active on Zillow and to convert leads to sales.

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