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David Sohn of Body Memory Process to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2018 / -- David Sohn, creator of the Body Memory Process©, is dedicated to the concept of true wellness which he says is only possible when all aspects of our lives are healthy and in balance.

The Body Memory Process© is a unique form of life coaching that begins with a discovery session, when the client learns about the beliefs (vows) they formed when they were very young. Until they are discovered, these vows run us and often create undesired results in our lives.

Clients are then provided the tools of disavowals, forgiveness and affirmations to work with for 90 days to create a clean slate and then create the life they desire.

Throughout the years, Sohn has collected client testimonials of phenomenal results with this approach – grounded in such ideas as those of educational philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

Steiner says that by the time we were five years old we have already decided “How I am, how they are, and how life is.” Sohn reasons, “What else is there?”

Many of us decide to change our behavior – such as with New Year’s Resolutions – and then wonder why we fail before we’ve really had the chance to begin. We often believe it is a lack of perseverance, but the truth is we’ve never been taught what is needed to create change.

We must change on all three spiritual, mental and physical levels of our being in order to truly make a permanent change.

Sohn is a Reiki master and a Rebirther, and is trained in several other healing modalities; however, he says these trainings were merely stepping stones to the creation of the Body Memory Process.©

The good news is that while we were powerful as pre-logical children in creating results we don’t want as an adult, we are also powerful as adults to create the life we do want now. Sohn teaches you how in his book “Your Childhood Vows and Now.”

“The truth about my book is you’ll hear nothing that you haven’t heard somewhere else before – except the reasons it works, how the information is pulled together in one place, and the process for getting the life you want.”

CUTV News Radio will feature David Sohn in an interview with Jim Masters on May 7th and May 21st at 3pm and with Doug Llewelyn on May 14th at 3pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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