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Peggy Lindsey to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, ARKANSAS, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2018 / -- We all desire to have lives filled with happiness, peace, and contentment, and we spend much of our existence furtively searching for answers. But with the right expertise and guidance, we can discover we have the capability to access that happiness, and it is much closer than we could have ever imagined.

Peggy, who owns On Angels’ Wings Healing and Coaching, is a professional life coach, a passionate energy healer and teacher, an angel intuitive, and a mentor.

“My passion and purpose is to graciously help others on their life’s path,” says Peggy. “My personal vision is to be a Pillar of Light who illuminates people’s journey in discovering their true selves, their talents and their purpose so they may be empowered to live more joyfully and consciously.”

According to Peggy we have three experiences that are our birthright: joy, freedom, and growth. By skillfully navigating clients, she encourages them to explore the guidance from within so they can willingly evolve and enrich their lives. Clients soul search and find their answers by asking themselves, “What do I want, why do I want it, and how do I want to feel?”

“I want to help my clients reclaim their own personal power,” says Peggy. “People inadvertently carry around their limiting thoughts and beliefs, and by soothing their emotions they can open up to understanding their powerful, authentic selves.”

According to Peggy, we already possess everything within us to make life magnificent. It’s her endeavor to help people recognize that in themselves and manifest it. The key is not to focus on the problems of life, but on the desires they aspire to achieve in their lives.

Arcing Light Energy is Peggy’s healing modality, and she describes it as being divine feminine energy that is an extremely high vibrational, loving force that is powerful, yet gentle, bringing calmness and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.

“Being a nurturing energy, Arcing Light works on all aspects of the emotions related to fear, anger, depression, and other problems that are often deeply buried. It immediately addresses the root core of any imbalance - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual,” says Peggy. “We are consciously uniting with our Souls - the highest and best of who we are - which brings us into love, joy, and peace, and offers incredible feelings of calmness and freedom from pain.”

Although Arcing Light has amazing effects on many debilitating diseases such as high blood pressure, mobility issues, chronic pain, stress, fatigue, nervousness, and sleep disorders, this beautiful energy also assists individuals in opening up to their unique, spiritual path.

“It is absolutely essential people recognize they are beautiful, wondrous beings,” says Peggy. “Each of us has a unique purpose, and it is necessary to help one another heal and grow. When we can understand that our lives were always meant to be loving, joyful, and happy, we can deliberately choose to create that wonderful life for ourselves.”

CUTV news will feature Peggy Lindsey in an interview with Jim Masters Thursday May 3rd at 2 p.m. EST

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