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Marc Miller Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2018 / -- Divorce is stressful. It's never easy and always painful. For people in divorce or anticipating divorce, a divorce coach can serve as a valuable resource to help you successfully navigate the emotions of divorce and make the best decisions.

“The goal of divorce coaching is to help a person deal with the emotional stress that is inevitable in divorce,” says certified divorce coach and mediator Marc Miller. “Even when you get a mediated divorce, it's still painful. It's still a mourning process. It still brings up feelings of failure. By working with someone like me, people are better equipped to figure out the best solutions.”

A psychologist by training with a PhD in clinical psychology, today Miller is focused on coaching. He says he made the transition because coaching isn't focused on fixing what is wrong with people. It's helping people get in touch with their strengths and clarifying their goals.

“The coaching process is designed to help the person develop more self-awareness,” says Miller. “The more aware you are of what you feel and how you react to situations, the more you can develop strategies to keep your focus, which is very useful when navigating a divorce.

“My job—and this is true for coaches and therapists as well—is to help people realize that when they're feeling such intense negative emotion, that gets in the way of them thinking clearly and making the best decisions,” says Miller. “If people can calm down, learn how to communicate with each other and confront the emotions of divorce—sadness, anger, mourning the loss of the dream of what the marriage was supposed to be—they’re much more likely to make the best decisions for themselves and their family. My role as a divorce coach is to work with the individual person to help them sort out their feelings so when they meet with a mediator and their spouse, they're calmer, more rational, and more open to figuring out the best solutions.”

Most coaches who practice divorce coaching have been divorced themselves. Miller is no exception. Though he’s been remarried for over 20 years, his divorce remains a profound experience.

“The stakes are very high,” says Miller. “Your children can either be harmed by the anger and antagonism between their parents, or we can be on top of those feelings and deal with them more positively and constructively. So what's more important than parents going through a divorce getting the help they need?”

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