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Robert A. Creo, The Happy Effective Lawyer to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2018 / -- In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, the narrator’s father Atticus Finch served as a moral hero for many readers and a model of integrity for lawyers. He was the same at work as he was at home, church or anywhere else. He led an integrated life and never compromised his values.

The law attracts a certain type of person, of course: driven, ambitious, competitive. The power of the billable hour has promoted a culture where 80-hour work weeks are not only common but encouraged or necessary to meet the annual minimum billing mandates. As a result, few lawyers, especially younger lawyers, are claiming personal satisfaction from their work, to say nothing of achieving the elusive work-life balance.

Robert A. Creo has 40 years of practical experience in the dispute resolution field as an attorney, author, arbitrator, and mediator. Today, Creo is paying it forward as an Adjunct Professor at Duquesne School of Law and the principal of the Happy! Effective Lawyer, LLC, educating lawyers, especially millennials, on specific ways to promote job satisfaction.

“I've had a wonderful life, a wonderful career, so it distresses me to meet or read about so many lawyers who are unhappy,” says Creo. “Younger lawyers are not entering the professions with a high degree of personal satisfaction in their work. I don't think it has to be that way.”

Creo believes the concept of work-life balance is based on a false premise. It’s not simply a matter of working less, but rather deriving more satisfaction from the considerable time you spend working each day. You have to whistle while you work. You have to want to go to work.

“All through my career, I never dreaded Monday morning,” recalls Creo. “Sometimes I was looking forward to Monday because I wanted to get to the office and get things accomplished.

“There are going to be unpleasant tasks, there are going to be tasks that are boring, and there will be tasks that you'll perceive are beneath you. They're just part and parcel of work and life. You have to accept it and be content with what you do.”

Creo says the more autonomous you are in the work correlates to greater job satisfaction. Studies have shown lawyers who are working in the public interest, in service and academia, and who are not billing hourly, are much happier. They feel their work is meaningful. They love their job more and life is better.

“I care because I am a lawyer, I always wanted to be a lawyer, and I want people to say they're proud to be a lawyer.” says Creo. “There’s no job where every minute is joyful. It's just unrealistic, and probably unhealthy, to expect that. You want to be passionate for your work, but it's OK to be engaged and satisfied, and for that to be good enough.”

"Creo's goal is to help lawyers via online courses and workshops that teach eight core competencies, backed by scientific research, that enhance performance and contentment."

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