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Mother Earth Produce: Expands Service to More Families with Local Higher Nutrition Food, Launches Crowdfund Campaign

Mother Earth Produce, a Farm-2-Door food delivery service, is launching a crowdfund campaign to serve more customer families and small family farms.

ASHEVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2018 / -- For six years, Asheville, NC based small family owned business, Mother Earth Produce has been solving some of the key challenges of our current large scale, non-local, industrial farm based food supply system. Some of the key challenges of our mainstream toxic food supply system are:

1. Big box grocery stores pay the farmers and producers 10-17% of the purchase price paid by the end customer. The rest of the 83-90% of the purchase price is taken up by 5 to 7 middlemen that sit in between the farmer and the customer usually. This is economically unsustainable, especially for small local family farms.

2. Most food in big box grocery stores is lacking nutrition. On the average, produce sold in grocery stores travels 1,700-miles to get to the customer 5-7 days after harvest.

3. Nutrition experts have determined that most fruits and vegetable lose 30-50% or more of their nutrition within 5-7 days after harvest.

Mother Earth Produce identified these issues and saw an opportunity for change years ago. Mother Earth Produce created a Farm-2-Door food delivery service that solves all these issues for its farmers, dairy and meat producers and customers. Mother Earth Produce’s local food delivery service, direct from local small family farms to customers’ doors, pays approximately 50% of purchase price to the farmers - where most of the food comes from producers within a 200 miles radius, and within 24-48 hours of harvest. This helps to bring fresher, healthier, more local and in-season food to the customers.

Mother Earth Produce currently serves 1000 families with local food in the western North Carolina community of Asheville and upstate South Carolina communities of Greenville, Spartanburg and the other small towns in the region. Mother Earth Produce is in the process of expanding its operations to start serving the additional communities around Charlotte, NC., with a plan to serve 3000 families weekly by late 2018.

Crowdfund Campaign

Mother Earth Produce’s business has always been about connecting people with local food in the communities it serves. To expand its operation to serve the needs of more farmers and families, Mother Earth Produce has announced the launch of a $25,000 crowdfund campaign to grow its service with the help of people who believe in eating local and supporting small family farms and dairy and meat producers.

Much like its business model, Mother Earth Produce’s crowdfund campaign is designed to enable it to reach its shared goals while serving the local community and delivering value back to its local food supply eco-system.

The crowdfund campaign will run from May 1st through May 31st with a goal of $25,000. The funds from the crowdfund will be used to expand the operations in current communities and serve more of the neighboring towns such as Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

To offer gratitude and to give back in return, Mother Earth Produce is planning to give back to its crowdfund supporters exciting perks, discounts and benefits in return as its heartfelt thanks for all supporters.

About Mother Earth Produce

Mother Earth Produce is a small, family-owned Farm-2-Table company based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Mother Earth Produce delivers primarily local, organic, non-GMO produce (fruits and vegetables), dairy and meat from local small family farms and products from other local food artisans to customer’s door each week, year-round.

Customers order their food needs for the week online at from an available menu of available local, fresh, in-season food.

Mother Earth Produce’s local food comes from farmers and producers usually within a 20 to 200 mile radius of the customer, instead of an average of 1700-mile distance for produce at big box grocery store chains. Most food is delivered to customers within 24-48 hours after harvest, which offers fresher food to consumers with much higher nutrition. Studies show that most produce loses 30-50% or more of its nutrition, 7 days after harvest, making Mother Earth Produce a nutritionally better option.

Mother Earth Produce serves about 1000 families today in the Asheville, NC, Greenville and Spartanburg, SC and the other communities in western North Carolina and upstate SC.

Andrea Duvall
Mother Earth Produce
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