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Jacqueline Durham to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

RED BANK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2018 / -- In our everyday lives we must cope with issues that can sometimes be so overwhelming they become debilitating and affect our overall well- being. Fortunately, there are qualified people that we can turn to that can guide us and help significantly the quality of our lives.

Jacqueline is an exceptional licensed clinical social worker with over 28 years at Rutgers university in Acute Services and recently supervised a group for adults with severe mental illness and substance abuse.

“My wish is that all individuals will seek out some form of therapy during their lifetime since it’s not only a highly effective method to iron out issues that have been sitting in our head since childhood, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to be heard and acknowledged,” says Jacqueline. “It’s extremely difficult to handle stress alone and it genuinely makes a world of difference if everyone participates in some form of therapy.”

Jacqueline works with individuals of all ages from twelve to adults with adjustment disorders, stress, anger management, relationship problems, undergoing trauma, or people that just need someone solace and comfort. Her clients include the elderly population who for instance have retired and face confusion, uncertainty and seek fulfillment.

“People fear the stigma connected with therapy. I aspire to be the person that makes positive changes in your life so I invite people to seek me out and let’s make change together,” says Jacqueline. “We will thoroughly identify what bridge we need to cross and we will cross it together.”

Concerned with the inadequacies of our school system, Jacqueline is in the process of putting together an invaluable proposal to educate children on problem solving and anger management so we can begin to nurture and guide our youth way before anger builds and prevent unnecessary tragedies. One of her ultimate goals is to become Vice President of The National Association of Social Workers.

“Social work is a very rewarding career and can lead to other marvelous opportunities such as a position in politics, a therapist, or a policy changer,” says Jacqueline. “If you have the heart to create change in our world then social work is the way to go.”

Jacqueline emphasizes how we should be utterly focused on promoting, encouraging and enhancing the many kind gestures from people all over the world rather than focus on so much negativity that is predominately depicted in the media. By inspiring people to be altruistic we can create a more positive and enlightening world.

“Life is not easy and every day we face a ton of obstacles,” says Jacqueline. “But it’s critical to know that when you’re feeling disheartened you can reach out for support,” says Jacqueline. “Know that your dreams will come with challenges and if we are prepared to meet them we will be able to live much healthier, happier, and joyful lives.”

CUTV news will feature Jacqueline in an interview with Jim Masters Monday April 23rd at 1 p.m. EST.

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