The Hardwood Flooring Discusses Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring in Honor of Earth Day

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According to The Hardwood Flooring Store, which provides hardwood flooring in Toronto, wood floors are an eco-friendly flooring choice for homeowners.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, April 16, 2018 / -- According to The Hardwood Flooring Store, which provides hardwood flooring in Toronto, wood floors are an eco-friendly flooring choice for homeowners. As Earth Day approaches and numerous celebrations are held to focus on protecting the environment, one of the best ways to accomplish the goals of the day is to make the right decorating choices for the home.

As Ron Ander explains, "Hardwood floors are built to last. Unlike carpet and other flooring materials, they don't end up in a landfill in a few years." He goes on to say that some hardwood materials can last for decades. There are many instances where 100-year-old homes still have the original floors and are in decent condition. Hardwood floors come in various species and thicknesses which impacts their durability.

Another feature for hardwood floors which makes them an eco-friendly option is the fact that they can be re-stained. "If a homeowner wants a new look, they don’t have to replace the wood floor," Ander says. "They can just sand it down and stain it a lighter or darker color." He explains that many woods can be sanded down multiple times and still retain their durable use. For those who are concerned about using hardwood because it means killing trees, Ander explains that there are ways to make a responsible choice in the materials one uses. He first recommends finding a manufacturer that is committed to environmentally good choices, such as planting a new tree for every one that is cut down. A second way to make eco-friendly choices for hardwood flooring is to look for products that include reclaimed wood. This is wood that has been used for floors in the past or for another use, but it has been repurposed in a new product. An example of this option includes old barn wood that has been cut and turned into flooring boards.

Most companies will promote their use of reclaimed wood to appeal to customers. They will also mention when they use manufacturers which operate under sustainable practices as part of their marketing campaigns. However, a buyer can talk to a flooring store manager and ask about products that are in line with their environmental focus. While some of these products may be more expensive, they will last for many years, even a lifetime. As Ander explains, when you compare the cost of replacing other flooring materials every five, ten or fifteen years with a hardwood floor that will last through multiple generations, the cost of the wood material is often less than other options. Buyers can find products which allow them to do the installation themselves or they can decide to hire a professional to do the work. With so many choices available, Ander says that a hardwood floor can fit in almost any budget and style preference. Hardwood floors are definitely a positive choice for homes and the environment, according to Ron Ander and The Hardwood Flooring Store.

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