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Nancy Parsons of CDR Assessment Group to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2018 / -- Studies show that 50 to 75 percent of leaders are ineffective. This number is staggering considering the impact their roles have for guiding efficiency, productivity and the bottom line. But what determines a great leader and how can we guide leaders who could be more effective to hone their skills and performance?

Nancy Parsons is President and founder of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. a firm providing assessments for leadership and talent development for global clients. She explains, “Our assessments are unparalleled in our industry for the scope, accuracy, and depth for revealing true talent. We help leaders, executives, and other professionals accelerate their success by elevating and increasing their self-awareness to a new level,” says Nancy. “The unmatched tools we developed can be effectively utilized for a variety of talent development applications such as team development, leadership development, selection screening, and succession planning.”

With a background in HR, Nancy began training and coaching leaders and instantly gravitated towards the work prompting her to start her own company focusing on developing authentic leadership talent. Her ultimate goal is to revolutionize leadership.

“By identifying a leader’s strengths, risks for derailment and intrinsic motivation to a nuanced level, our clients are able to tap into their true capability while working at what they find most fulfilling” says Nancy. “It can be life altering for leaders since it’s such an eye-opening and invigorating process.”

Nancy also works diligently with numerous prestigious universities who utilize her constructive tools for their MBA students and corporate clients. Her firm’s philanthropic effort is called “Vets Coaching Vets” which trains veterans to assess and coach other veterans towards a finding the best fit and most rewarding and joyful career path.

“Ultimately, I want people to understand that it is important to attain a deep level of self-awareness and genuinely recognize what authentic leadership talent is and is not,” says Nancy. “Our coaches are skilled at helping their leader clients get the most out of their development plans and careers and so that they do not become stagnant or disenchanted.

Nancy’s firm accurately measures characters traits and motivation concluding that both men and women in leaderships are equally capable. However, where they found statistically significant differences is how men and women handle stress and adversity differently when there’s conflict. This research is shared in her book “Fresh Insights to End the Glass Ceiling” available on Amazon. According to Parsons, men tend to be “Egotists, Rule Breakers & Upstagers” whereas women are “Worriers.” So, what happens is that women go into a fear mode causing them to freeze, hold back or overanalyze, often eliminating themselves from high powered positions. Consequently, this is the key reason that women are not getting ahead.

“We get so caught up in our hectic work and family lives it’s easy to lose focus on what we are really good at and what makes us genuinely happy,” says Nancy. “Most people are working hard but not tapping into what’s best for them. We can change the world.

CUTV news will feature Nancy Parsons in an interview with Jim Masters April 17th at 12 noon EST.

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