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Presale Ventures Sets Out to Revolutionize Seed Access for Blockchain Investors

Presale Ventures Pre-ICO funding marketplace

Presale Ventures Pre-ICO funding marketplace

Pioneering Cryptocurrency Investors Association Talks Exclusive Benefits for Members

BELIZE, IL, BELIZE, April 10, 2018 / -- Pioneering Cryptocurrency Investors Association Talks Exclusive Benefits for Members

With the dust yet to settle following Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to superstardom, investors all over the world are frantically looking for the next big thing. Bitcoin has demonstrated the potential for early adopters to make enormous sums of money through strategic choice of available investments into blockchain startup’s surging tens of thousands percent.

Having set out to revolutionize early-stage access to blockchain startup’s for investors worldwide, Presale Ventures is now officially open for business. Created to pinpoint the very best investment opportunities while lowering the risk of being misled, Presale Ventures has launched the world’s first true Cryptocurrency Investors Association. Combining early-bird access with exclusive discounts to blockchain startup’s Token Generation Events, their unique platform has the future success of investors worldwide written all over it.
Along with the limitless value brought to the network by its members, Presale Ventures also provides exclusive early access to quality presales, along with heavy discounts for early-bird investors – up to 60% on issues pre-screened by its own team of analysts.

One of the primary motivations behind the Presale Ventures team was and is the avoidance of investments into fraudulent and misleading blockchain startups running Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Through negligence, ignorance, lost funds or operational breakdowns of any kind, ICO presales touted as golden opportunities often bring nothing but loss and disappointment.
Operated by a team of veterans with wide-reaching experience, Presale Ventures allows investors to bypass any and all ICO presales of little to no value. Using a strength in numbers approach, this dynamic Cryptocurrency Investors Association focuses on the mutual benefit of each of its members, minimizing risk and maximizing the potential for rich rewards.

Vetted and Verified Presales
“Presale.Ventures wants to domesticate the Token Generation Events (TGE) market and make it work for its eager investor base. We recognize that TGE investors, much like nodes in a blockchain, are distributed globally. A practical approach to proper TGE presales requires the creation of a private investor's club compatible with blockchain crowd-style investment. Startups get validation. Investors get discounts. A proper presale.” – Presale Ventures
Powerful yet accessible, Presale Ventures brings investors at all levels together, in pursuit of one collective goal – profit. Capitalizing on the dynamic and diverse expertise, geography and experience of the cryptocommunity worldwide, Presale Ventures is out to ensure no opportunity as lucrative as Bitcoin is overlooked or ignored.
About Presale Ventures:
Presale Ventures is a Blockchain Startups’ Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and Seed Accelerator. Through its unique structure and technological platform, Presale Ventures provides exceptional added value to both investors and startups. By focusing on Cryptocurrency and BlockChain Technology, tapping into the Wisdom of the Crowd, utilizing Crowd Funding methodology and harnessing the power of Group Buying - all incorporated into state of the art Online Platform - Presale Ventures provides unique early-bird investment opportunities for its members. Head over to for more information.

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