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Parole and probation officers are the front lines of the recidivism battle. Their perspectives add significant context to the research. They need to be heard,

Parole and Probation officers are on the front lines of the recidivism battle. We need to hear from them. They will add important context to the study.”
— Linda F. Williams, MSW

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Capella University Doctoral Candidate, Linda F. Williams, is conducting research on recidivism. The Emergent Voices Research Study is a Capella University doctoral study. Williams says that, “Parole and Probation officers across the United States are on the front lines of the recidivism battle. We need to hear from them. They will add important context to the study.” For that reason, the study is now expanded to include the entire United States.

Williams describes the study as asking, “What is the box and is the box, as defined, accurately described?” She wants to know what parole and probation officers think will help keep former offenders out of prison. “I can think of no better person to define that ‘box’ than those who have observed ongoing reintegration challenges.”

Williams is no stranger to the topic. During her undergraduate work at Calvin College, Williams completed an applied research project on recidivism that was instrumental in a Prison Fellowship and Hope Network partnership in a prisoner reentry program in Grand Rapids. Herb Start, who was then the Hope Network CEO, asked Williams to co-write the Prison Fellowship New Initiatives Grant proposal. The program was modeled after recommendations in her thesis. Williams went on to earn a Masters of Social Work from Western Michigan University.

Current or former United States Parole or Probation Officers can take the survey at Emergent Voices Probation and Parole Officer Survey.


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