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Dr. Ilona Tobin to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2018 / -- The two most important decisions in your life are you career and your lifetime partner. When we choose our career, there's a lot of planning, research, and time involved. When we choose our partner, we’re more impulsive, but it takes the same hard work to find a healthy relationship.

Dr. Ilona Tobin is a licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and the author of Love’s 4 Magnetic Forces: Creating a Strong, Healthy Relationship.

“Love’s 4 Magnetic Forces is about to select that lifetime partner,” says Dr. Tobin. “People spend more time choosing which movie they're going to see than the partner they're going to live the rest of their life with. People don't think about who they're going to marry, what attributes they have, and what attributes would make for a lifetime partnership, so that they can have a healthy relationship.”

According to Dr. Tobin, a good partner is a best friend, an enthusiastic lover, committed, and a teammate. These are the magnets that draw you together and keep you together for a lifetime. If you have those things, they all work together in combination, and keep you together during the hard times.

“I want my clients to find the playmate of their dreams,” says Dr. Tobin. “Life is going to have its ups and downs and you're going to have to be able to bounce with it.”

Dr. Tobin says most men will choose a partner by how they look and they don't want that person to ever change. Women on the other hand, tend to choose a partner based on potential. She wants her partner to change because she sees all the things that they capable of doing and she fantasizes about all the things that they're going to do together.

No matter what you are looking for, find that special someone is a step-by-step process. Dr. Tobin has even included assessment tests, so you can evaluate the people that you are dating. If you are already in a relationship, you can evaluate your four magnetic forces to enhance your relationship.

“Too often we get bogged down in the responsibility and forget about the fun, which is why you got together in the first place,” says Dr. Tobin. “This is my mission, this is my duty. This is my obligation. It's to help everybody that I come in contact with have a better life. If I can make you smile, make you have an insight, whatever it is, that's what I want to do.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Ilona Tobin in an interview with Jim Masters on March 22nd at 12pm EST.

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