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Denise Lescano of Spirit Works, Inc. to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2018 / -- Denise Lescano is recognized as a psychic medium, medical intuitive, intuitive consultant, healer, teacher and author. She stresses that all mediums are psychics, but that not all psychics are mediums. She has a rare gift for communicating with persons who are no longer living on this plane; a gift that ranks her as one of the world’s leading experts on afterlife communication.

Denise runs a company that incorporates all her work in media, publishing, psychic consulting services, and her volunteer efforts, known collectively as Spirit Works, Inc.. Denise and her incredible readings were also featured in Josie Varga’s acclaimed book Visits from Heaven.

Denise has been tested and endorsed by several authorities, and was hand-selected to participate in a data collection scientific research project that is bridging the gap between science and spirituality. The PhDs running the Afterlife Data project monitor her readings, track evidence, and affirm facts about death, dying, and proof of heaven. The scientists (and science doesn’t lie) rate Denise’s accuracy a staggering 88 to 92 percent.

It’s this breadth of talent and level of competence, plus the type of professionals that Denise chooses to support as a medium, that make her nearly peerless. She truly is, as the title of her 2010 book says, The Messenger--and she has some very interesting and significant communications to relay.

Denise is the FIRST and ONLY Psychic Medium to work directly with Grief and Addiction recovery counselors in grief and addiction recovery support groups. Since 2005, she’s used her abilities for very noble purposes. She worked with The Collier County State Attorney’s Office, Grief Counselors, Victim Advocacy Centers, non-profits like MADD and AA, Federal and local Law Enforcement authorities and the Military. She consults on investigations and helps solve crimes, particularly missing persons or homicides. Denise also brings closure to families who lost a loved one to suicide, sudden or accidental death. She pinpoints the source of disease and provides detailed information for doctors. In recovery groups, Denise communicates with the deceased, with a counselor present, so the information received can be processed and assimilated into the treatment.

Denise is also often hired to resolve hauntings and offers readings at her Office in Naples, FL, or by phone or Skype. Sometimes it’s traditional psychic readings—like what might be in store for love, family and career. She has a BS in Communications with a minor in the Social Sciences and world religions. This knowledge, along with her intuitive knowing, make her a dynamic media personality, so be sure to tune in.

She will discuss the Psychic and Medium Certification training she created (and teaches) in the US and in Japan, and her participation in the Afterlife Data Project, called “Voices Across the Veil”--a scientific research study she has been involved in for the last 3 years. Denise believes science has long looked upon life after death with skepticism. Finally, change is happening, and she is enthused to be one of the ground-breakers.

CUTV News will feature Denise Lescano in an Interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday March 21 at 12:00 Noon EST.

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