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Chronic Constipation Relief by HyGIeaCare® Colon Irrigation shown to be Well-Tolerated, Safe and Effective

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HyGIeaCare® Relief was safely completed in 175 patients; 100% of the patients achieved a bowel movement and achieved relief of constipation.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2018 / -- HyGIeaCare Inc. announced that a study titled Colon Irrigation: Effective, Safe, and Well-Tolerated Alternative to Traditional Therapy in the Management of Refractory Chronic Constipation has been published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Vol.2 No.1:5, 2018, ISSN 2575-7733. The paper was co-authored by Parth J Parekh, MD, Dawn Burleson, RN MBA, Craig Lubin, MD and David A Johnson, MD MACG FASGE FACP.

One of the most common complaints faced by both primary care physicians and gastroenterologists is constipation, affecting up to 60 million of the general population in the US.

At an individual level, constipation can have a dramatic impact on the patient’s overall well-being, including anxiety, depression, somatization, sexual dysfunction, and time lost off work. A national survey, which included 10,030 respondents found that up to 72% of patients with constipation felt that their constipation was very to extremely bothersome.

At the macro level, studies have found a recent surge of emergency department visits for constipation-related issues, with an increase in more than 40% over a 5-year period with an associated 120% increase in aggregate national costs over the same timeframe with an aggregate cost in excess of $1.6 billion dollars. Estimates suggest that upwards of $800 million dollars are spent annually on over-the-counter laxatives. For severe constipation, it is expected that HygieaCare relief is an easier, safer and significantly less expensive alternative to gastrograffin enemas, which are routinely performed by radiologists with an X-ray.

Healthcare providers feel the frustration as well, and many health care providers perceive inadequate treatment in the majority of their patients.

The HyGIeaCare® System may treat chronic constipation via a multi-faceted approach by (1) cleansing the bowel without the need for aggressive medical therapy or manual and/or surgical intervention, and (2) theoretically altering the microbiome with the hopes of repopulating a more favorable microbial profile.

The primary endpoint of the procedure in the study was successful passage of stool during colonic irrigation with secondary endpoints being patient satisfaction and a favorable side effect profile.

The results of the study show that the HyGIeaCare® System cleansing was successfully completed in all 175 patients. 100% of these patients had solid stool excrement and displayed a definitive removal of fecal obstructing debris compared to traditional therapy.

HyGIeaCare® Relief may have a lasting effect that goes beyond immediate relief. Recent studies have demonstrated that alterations in the microbiome could result in or propagate chronic constipation. Thus, high volume irrigation may alter the microbiome in ways that could potentially promote growth of more favorable bacteria resulting in longer lasting relief. Future studies are needed to study the longevity of response duration.

“HyGIeaCare® Relief for chronic constipation proved to be a well-tolerated and safe alternative for patients suffering from constipation with a high willingness to repeat.” said Gavriel Meron, Chairman and CEO of HyGIeaCare, Inc. “We are pleased to see more physicians referring constipated and impacted patients, allowing them to safely benefit from excellent outcomes.”

The paper is available at: .

About HyGIeaCare, Inc.

HyGIeaCare Inc., a US Delaware corporation, commenced operations in 2015 with a goal of creating a new standard of care to ensure patients are ready for colonoscopy utilizing the FDA cleared HyGIeaCare® System.
HyGIeaCare creates HyGIeaCare Centers in partnership with Gastroenterologists who refer their patients with a prescription to perform a simpler and easier bowel prep for colonoscopy, performed on the same day and prior to colonoscopy. The HyGIeaCare Prep replaces the traditional oral preparation that is so difficult and even impossible for many patients.
Gastroenterologists are also referring patients who are not responding well to laxatives for Constipation Relief at the HyGIeaCare Centers.
HyGIeaCare Centers are currently operational in Austin TX (2015), Norfolk VA (2016), Jackson MS and Cincinnati OH (2017), and a number of other Centers are currently in planning and build out phase in the US. More than 7,000 patients have performed the prep procedure with 97% adequately prepped, and very high patient satisfaction - 95% of the patients responding that they would again choose HyGIeaCare prep over the alternative oral prep.

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