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Constantina M. Vaseliades of Lifeforce-Harmonious Healing for People & Pets to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2018 / -- At one time In her life, Constantina M. Vaseliades was a ballerina, but a health issue kept her from being in tip toe condition. The person who helped her get better was a hands-on healer who practiced the ancient art of Reiki energy healing. It made such a difference in her life that she decided she wanted to pursue it. Today Constantina is a Reiki Master Teacher and an Advanced Energy Healing Therapist who channels feelings of unconditional love, assists people and pets to restore balanced health, and helps them tune into a higher plane of life.

She calls it Lifeforce Energy Healing.

Practicing as a healer, a licensed massage therapist, a holistic health educator and an instructor of many healing arts, Constantina helps people get the most out of their lives, by accepting and cultivating their personal power. She works holistically to bring clients to a place of strength and a new-found love of themselves and all beings, without judgement. Constantina combines advanced energy therapies to balance the body systems (or chakras), and create a blissful state, then works deeper on the physical issues. She guides individuals to a biological plane in tune with the God-force healing energy, becoming one with all things. It makes them better in every sense of the word.

There is another aspect to Constantina’s gifts, one she sensed at a young age but didn’t immediately understand—she is an animal communicator who says some animals hold energy for their owners. So, the animals bring their owners (not the other way around) and she will treat them both.

Sometimes, while in counsel with a person, the pet will speak out, sending a message that alerts Constantina to an emotional, physical or spiritual health problem with the owner or another pet. Once a dog owned by a friend told her there was something wrong with his heart. The owner explored it with the Vet and tests showed the communication was spot on! After heart treatment, that dog went on to live a robust life for many more years, but note, the owner had a serious heart issue. Pets who’ve passed on also communicate, just to share a message of love and appreciation to their owner, or to talk about places they visited together, and how meaningful that was.

Constantina doesn’t think these healing arts are separate, but rather different elements of the holistic experience. For instance, anyone can get a massage for their achy shoulder, and it will feel better for a few hours or even days. But if they leave and go do the same things as before (work routines, poor diet, stress, and negative thoughts) it is difficult to heal. If instead, you combine a massage with advanced energy healing and/or supplements, it becomes a whole health experience that lasts and can be life-altering. Taking back your personal power, and being a participant in the growth and healing, creates optimum health within you.

Constantina derives great joy from this balancing of energy. She says sending energy in the form of unconditional love feels like someone praying over you and can have impact from afar. She often performs treatments (called blessings) over the phone. When clients see her in person for what she calls a bliss massage, they will be so utterly peaceful, she hopes they’ve arranged a ride home!

CUTV News Radio will feature Constantina M Vaseliades of Lifeforce Harmonious Healing in an interview with Jim Masters on April 20th at 4:00pm EST.

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