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Author and Healer Sonja Isaac to be Featured on CUTV News Radiio

PONOKA, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 12, 2018 / -- How many people suffer from back pain and diseases like diabetes or migraines, or even learning disabilities, without understanding the cause? Might there be an emotional blockage that is the root of it? Sonja Isaac is a unique healer who can tap into the subconscious mind and discover the trapped emotions inside us; negative emotions that are like tiny balls of energy and need to be released.

Reverend Sonja is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a healer trained in the elements of The Emotion Code, a book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. There are 60 different emotions (such as loneliness, shock or depression) that he categorized, which can trigger physical reactions and distressing symptoms.

Sonja, who had been a Christian all her life, suffered in 1994 from a devastating illness called Sarcoidosis, and was told there was no cure. She then experienced a bizarre and life-changing experience with Jesus Christ Himself. During that visit he told her “Don’t worry, don’t doubt, don’t fear, because when god and the devil get into a fight, who wins? That’s right, GOD WINS!” These words have inspired various YouTube Videos, plus the name of her channel and website. Sonja is also an author and Jesus Was in My Room Last Night is the title of her memoir.

After five years of suffering, with the guidance of The Holy Spirit and nutritional changes, she was finally healed, the first person ever to be cured in that manner. She realized that God heals in many ways and turned her experience outward; she went on a quest to find answers to other peoples’ illnesses. When she found The Emotion Code, she knew this was the key! She saw many miracles result after applying its principles.

Sonja balances media efforts with a healing practice known as Stone Tablet Communications. The Holy Spirit works through her as she asks questions, taps into subconscious minds and identifies trapped emotions. As they continue, she can learn when and how these trapped emotions were caused, and where in the body they are lodged. Once pinpointed, she uses a magnet to clear away the trapped emotion. Releasing them doesn’t erase what happened, but changes the way the body is reacting to that event, and thus the client’s system. Oftentimes, symptoms melt away in just one session! Sonja stresses she is not against doctors and we need their diagnostics, but sometimes the final answer just will not be found in traditional medicine, and her practice is a wonderful supplement. You can make an appointment with her at Wisdom Seekers Emporium if you are based in Alberta Canada.

Do you have to be Christian to partake in this? Sonja says no, but prayer and a loving attitude are a major part of the procedure. It also helps to believe in the concept of a higher power, whatever name you choose to call Him, because that is the source of our real power. She has incredible faith that Jesus is working through her and Reverend Sonja goes on creating positive change.

CUTV News will feature Sonja Isaac, Author and Healer in an interview with Jim Masters.

on Wed, March 14th at 3:00pm EST.

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