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Dr. Douglas Piirto of Crestline Forestry Inc. Returns to CUTV News Radio

HOBART, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2018 / -- Over 5,000 types of products that we depend on each day are made with timber harvested from our forests. The field of forestry is associated with how to responsibly manage the forest and keep it healthy.

Crestline Forestry is dedicated to helping shape the future of forestry and the proper management of its natural resources through education, research and consulting. Led by its founder Dr. Douglas Piirto, Crestline Forestry is committed to inspiring lifelong learning to sustainably manage forests and wildlands.

“Forestry is an art and a science,” says Dr. Piirto. “We want to improve the health of the forest while providing the resources we need from those forests.”

Forestry is concerned with managing landscapes and promoting forest health while extracting value from the forest.

“The important thing is for foresters to understand the temporal aspect of how forests change from one period of time to another and ultimately how they're arranged in landscapes,” says Dr. Piirto. “Forests are organized like quilts and they can be artificially created in that way. Foresters can implement management practices that protect natural features while working to establish diversity and forest structure across the landscape.”

A good forester develops a forest management plan; when forest products companies arrive, they harvest the trees consistent with the forest management plan and the direction provided by the forester. Dr. Piirto says it’s all about good stewardship.

“Forests change over time with or without us,” says Dr. Piirto, “but they can change in a detrimental way if we don't intervene. So it’s about understanding temporal and spatial relationships, paying attention to what's affecting the trees, and making every effort to try to predict how those trees are going to respond. The trick of forestry is to try to understand these natural phenomena and capture a little bit of it to use to our advantage.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Douglas Piirto in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on March 8th at 11am EST.

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