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Square Deal Machining Dubbed UN-American For Its China-Led Unofficial Accreditation

Daryl Guberman holding photo of Joe Morgan, Owner of Square Deal Machining, Inc. (SDMI)

Supporters of the 'America First' movement calls out Square Deal Machining, Inc. (SDMI) for choosing China Over USA

U.S. companies shamelessly under China over-sight should take down their American flag and replace it with a Chinese flag, its a disgrace to Veterans that fought for our country”
— Daryl Guberman

MARATHON, NY, USA, March 2, 2018 / -- As steel mills, machine shops and other metal suppliers nationwide praise President Trump for proposing a 25% tariff on steel and aluminum, one business leader is making headlines by taking the leading role in supporting the President's 'America First' aspirations. Ironically he's someone with direct ties to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodman Clinton (

Daryl Guberman, CEO of G-PMC Group and candidate for U.S. Senate (I-CT) recently called out Joe Morgan, the owner of Square Deal Machining of Marathon, NY for voluntarily maintaining a quality management system over-seen by China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF), an organization under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Xiao Jianhua in Beijing, China.

Earlier this week, Guberman introduced a new video revealing the questionable AS9100 certification issued to Square Deal Machining, Inc. by a registrar accredited by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board). ANAB is an active member and signatory of China-led IAF. The video can be watched at

In the video Guberman cites the words of SDMI President Joe Morgan in a message Morgan left on Guberman's voice mail: “Hey Daryl, Joe Morgan here from Square Deal Machining, just had a very interesting conversation with DLS (DLS Quality Management), when I told them I was no longer using them for ISO certification, to say they came a little unglued would be putting it politely. I'd like to bring you up to speed on the conversation, it was interesting, just like what you told me would happen.”

Guberman said he later learned DLS Quality Management strong-armed Mr. Morgan to maintain his ANAB accredited certification by involving the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, a major customer of Mr. Morgan's. Two auditors from Lockheed Martin, proven days later to be colluding with ANAB, insisted on the quality management system of SDMI being over-seen by ANAB and its Chinese led accreditation body IAF.

“We informed Mr. Morgan about DLS and its accreditation body (ANAB) belonging to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) which has a history of working with terrorists countries, in particular Iran and North Korea,” said Guberman. Both countries are facing increasing U.S. State Department sanctions for its repeated threats against the United States and its allies.”

According to records, Joe Morgan's company Square Deal Machining, Inc. (SDMI) is currently certified by Perry Johnson Registrars (, yet another registrar found to be accredited by ANAB and its oversight body IAF under the guidance of Xiao Jianhua and his Chinese associates in Beijing, China.

“It's deeply disturbing that Mr. Morgan would allow his company's quality management system to be overseen by an organization with ties to IAF which has a documented history of working with organizations from terrorists countries while turning his back on US-based certification bodies independent of the ANAB-IAF accreditation scheme,” said Henry Kroger, Adviser for the American Board of Accredited Certification (ABAC), the leading independent accreditation body of the United States.

Guberman and supporters sees Lockheed's actions as extortion and treason by misleading a US-based business into doing business with a foreign led entity known to be working with terrorist countries Iran and North Korea. Equally troubling is Lockheed Martin accredting itself by sitting on its own oversight board (ANAB) while claiming to be impartial and transparent.

“Although Lockeed Martin's actions was nothing short of despicable and grotesquely UN-American, the real problem is with business owners lacking the hootspa to stand up against the bullying of ANAB-IAF henchmen and their unofficial accreditation racket.” Guberman said U.S. companies under shamelessly China over-sight should take down their American flag and replace it with a Chinese flag. We got one word for US-owned companies turning their back on American workers... Schmucks.”

Henry Kroger
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Daryl Guberman Calls Out Joe Morgan For Supporting China Over USA

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