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Shampaigne Graves of Endurance 4 Life Training & Wellness to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CARROLLTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2018 / -- Through our own life journey we must face challenges and unexpected misfortune that can leave us feeling completely helpless and defeated. But if we rise above and possess the quality and unique ability to transform the lives of others we can make a noteworthy honorable difference in the world.

Shampaigne Graves is an empowerment coach and owner of Endurance 4 Life Training & Wellness an exceptional mobile and virtual wellness practice.

“We offer compassionate individual coaching and a wide range services to clients looking to transition to a better life,” says Shampaigne. “Our programs emphasize overall accountability. Before designing a seamless plan for you we first have an in-depth comprehensive consultation to determine your life goals beginning with an intake process to figure out the issues that brought you to coaching and start you on a path to a new healthy life.”

At the young age of 25, Shampaine’s poignant life journey was inspired through the heartbreaking loss of her beloved best friend who unexpectedly and tragically passed away leaving her traumatized and deeply disheartened. Through fearlessness, resolve, and deep soul searching, Shampaigne ultimately overcame her angst and distress when she discovered her inner strength ultimately recognizing her calling in life was to help other people submerged in darkness also find their light and purpose. Partnering with her mother, who was undergoing a painful divorce and with whom she shares a profound affiliation with, they began Endurance 4 Life, which restored their lives and grew steadily in leaps and bounds.

“We are completely dedicated to life training,” says Shampaigne. “Our typical clients are former athletes and beauty queens used to being in the spotlight but over time have neglected their well- being and fitness and seek out our services to assist them in overcoming their challenges.”

Perceptive and judicious in her approach, Shampaigne advises people that whatever foods they enjoy eating should always contain the highest quality ingredients. It’s critical to make certain our meals are sustainable, ethical, and natural with no chemicals or preservatives ideally from their local famer’s markets. She also cautions to be mindful and well informed of the real truth behind the dangers of fat free and sugar free. With her expert coaching she advises and educates clients providing them ample knowledge to make healthy and sensible choices.

“I genuinely believe everyone has a unique story and I work with people to overcome challenges that keep them from sharing their vulnerabilities,” says Shampaigne. “My goal is to create positive habits while they are going through a transition that will help them attain a healthy mind body and soul for a lifetime. They are grateful and motivated that someone is so dedicated and thoroughly invested in them and as a young person my hope is to inspire other young people to live life to their absolute fullest.”

CUTV news will feature Shampaigne Graves in an interview with Jim Masters Monday March 5th at 2 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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