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Exploring Ibogaine Treatment From the Paradise Island Setting of the Avante Institute

iboga plant

NASSAU, NASSAU, BAHAMAS, February 28, 2018 / -- Ibogaine has long been understood to provide therapeutic effects, most notably in the elimination of addiction to opiates, alcohol, and other drugs.

Ibogaine occurs naturally in a group of flowering plants commonly known as the dogbane family. The group includes all manner of plants, from shrubs and trees to herbs, succulents, and vines.

Even before the advent of modern medicine, ibogaine had been recognized for its medicinal properties. Initially documented by French and Belgian explorers to Africa in the 19th century, botanists soon took an interest, first describing the 'Tabernanthe iboga' plant in 1889.

Based in the beautiful Bahamas, The Avante Institute harnesses the natural power of ibogaine to treat addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Home to the world's sixth-longest barrier reef, the coral-based archipelago of the Bahamas is known for its breathtaking scenery, varied wildlife, lush palms, rare orchids, and tropical climate.

Of its ibogaine treatments, the New Providence Island-based institute says, "The Avante Institute offers treatment packages for all manner of substance detoxification including alcohol, opioid medications, heroin, cocaine, methadone and more."

Part of what's being called the "holistic plant movement," The Avante Institute's detox treatment facility is fast becoming one of the most well-respected providers of holistic therapy in the battle against addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A representative for The Avante Institute explains, saying, "Powerful yet gentle holistic plant medicines are the genuine article. They heal people, and they save lives."

They continue, "This is what we've been searching for, and what's desperately needed to attack the modern-day addiction epidemic head-on. Our plant medicine treatments work like no other medicines in the world."

Treatment with ibogaine works by resetting specific transmitters in the brain, while simultaneously rebalancing a number of essential chemicals in the body.

Ibogaine is unique, in that it allows those undergoing treatment to bypass the withdrawal symptoms often associated with drug or alcohol detox, known as post-acute withdrawal symptoms. None of these symptoms—which can include nausea, cramping, tremors, headaches, irritability, chills, and sweats—are typically witnessed with the institute's carefully administered ibogaine treatment regime.

"The advantages which these treatments offer our clients over traditional detox are immeasurable," says the institute.

The Avante Institute has enjoyed excellent rates of success through its ibogaine treatments, with levels of long-term sobriety being "exceptional" according to the Caribbean holistic retreat's records.

Located on two acres of pristine white sand beachfront, the institute boasts a team of compassionate and highly-experienced professionals and addiction specialists. Through intensive entheogenic medicinal treatments, the site enjoys levels of efficacy in drug rehabilitation not found or available in western medicine today.

"We confidently proclaim our detoxification therapies to be among the very finest in the world," says the institute.

The Avante Institute offers a number of withdrawal-free ibogaine treatments from its oceanfront Nassau location, ranging in length from 5-10 days, with an extended care program also available.

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