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Prolific Master Distiller Felipe Camarena Triumphs with Tequila G4

Tequila G4 at El Cholo's Cafe in Pasadena, CA

Mad Scientist of Agave Sweeps an Olympian 12 Medals at Brands of Promise Awards

I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles. I’m in the business of making great tequila.”
— Felipe Camarena, Master Distiller of Tequila G4
ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2018 / -- For Immediate release!

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, legendary Master Distiller Felipe Camarena of the historic tequila making Camarena family, made headlines at Tequila Aficionado’s Fifth Annual 2017 Brands of Promise© Awards, capturing a Platinum medal for his fast tracking Tequila G4.

The “Mad Scientist” of tequila swept an Olympian 12 medals, with Tequila G4 locking in Best-In-Show acclaim.

For the first time in the chronicles of United States spirits competitions, three separate and distinct tequila labels currently on the shelves from one producer, vied for honors at the same event.

Ultimately, Tequila G4 took the spotlight by setting the Platinum standard by which all other tequilas are judged.

The Tequila G4 Experience.

From beginning to end, every detail in creating Tequila G4 is devised to add layers of complexity to each varietal.

A well-seasoned agave grower by trade, Felipe Camarena maintains several thousand hectares of healthy and thriving blue weber agave plants from which, by law, tequila can only be made.

Once carefully harvested, the agave is brought to Camarena’s state-of-the-art, energy efficient and eco-friendly El Pandillo distillery.

The agave is baked from the top and bottom in customized stone ovens of his own design. Using a converted steamroller as a modern day tahona or crusher, Camarena efficiently macerates the agave to release the juices.

After fermentation of the precious liquid, Tequila G4 is exclusively distilled in copper stills using a fifty-fifty blend of collected rainwater and well water.

Camarena rests Tequila G4 blanco in more timeworn bourbon barrels for longer than the law dictates, without the use of allowable additives or coloring.

Coming full circle, from the unaged blanco to the ultra-aged extra anejo, each expression of Tequila G4 harmoniously preserves and presents the unique characteristics found in Camarena's agave in a tango of aromas and flavors.

While other brands invest in spendy, eye-catching decanters and pass along the cost to consumers, Felipe Camarena refuses.

“I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles,” says Camarena, defiantly. “I’m in the business of making great tequila.”

Instead, G4 is poured into classic, see-through bottles to showcase the tequila’s natural hues and highlights.

Legacy and Crafted Luxury.

The Camarena family has been distilling tequila since 1937.

G4, meaning cuarta generacion or fourth generation in Spanish, is in dedication to Felipe’s two sons. He has instilled in them the family’s long standing tradition of crafting some of the most sought after tequilas in existence.

Already a multi-award winner before the recognition bestowed by the Brands of Promise©, Felipe Camarena’s flagship Tequila G4 is destined to garner even more accolades in the near future.


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