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Kim Habibi Prepares To Teach The Community Spanish With Easy Course

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2018 / -- Kim Habibi believes every American should have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language. It has become America's second most spoken language. Also, the nation's widely taught, non-English language.

"Once dismissed by many native English speakers, the relevance of the Spanish language can no longer become ignored," says Kim Habibi.

For this reason, Habibi is hoping to plan a Spanish learning class in the community shortly. There are many benefits to learning the Spanish language, and Habibi mentions several.

Become Marketable For More Jobs
Learning the Spanish language means for more opportunity in the job market. With the grammar growing in America, many companies look at someone who knows the Spanish language as an essential quality.

When faced with the decision of two equally qualified candidates for a job, employers in all fields are more likely to pick someone who can speak another language. This option holds right for someone who can speak Spanish.

Thanks to global trade agreements and the evolving economy, the growth of the Spanish language has had a substantial increase in business. Therefore, the prestige grows for an individual that knows Spanish.

"Adding the Spanish language to a resume makes that person's stick out to employers," says Kim Habibi.

Learning Spanish Is Easy

Spanish has become classified as one of the most comfortable languages for native English speakers to learn. This reasoning is because of how close in proximity it is to the English language in grammar and culture.

"If an individual lives in New York, Florida, or in the southwest portion of the United States, chances are they live near a Spanish speaking population," adds Habibi. "Because it is easy to learn the language, you become more socially accessible to those populations."

Both English and Spanish share roots in Latin. Studying Spanish increases the person's understanding of the English language even more.

Broaden Cultural Horizons

Learning Spanish can give the person access to Spanish music, television, and films. Knowing Spanish will help understand and appreciate other cultures within the Spanish umbrella.

"The abundance of Spanish place names extends far and wide," says Habibi. "Even states in America have Spanish roots, including Florida, Nevada, and Montana."

Florida means flowery. Nevada means snowy. And Montana means mountain. Also, the language is an integral part of North America's past and present.

Starting Conversations With Spanish Neighbors

A person's Spanish does not need to be perfect or even fluent in conversing with Spanish speakers. If a person can convey and understand basic ideas within the Spanish language, they can interact on a fundamental level.

"Attempting words or gestures in the Spanish language could generate goodwill and mutual inclusion," says Habibi. "Also, a person could find themselves in a situation to help someone who only speaks Spanish. It opens many doors for social interactions."

With roughly over 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States, almost every person runs into someone who articulates the language on a daily basis.

Other studies report that the United States could even pass Mexico by 2050 as the leading Spanish-speaking country in the world.

"Because of the growing population of Spanish speakers, learning the language has become more important," concludes Kim Habibi. "Also, it's important to pass down the language to the next generation since it's predicted the language continues to grow."

For those who sign up for Habibi's Spanish class, they will learn the basics and work their way up to advanced learning. Habibi will work with each individual on a one-on-one basis so they do not fall behind.

"It's important for every member of the class to learn and take the language home with them to teach others," says Habibi. "I'm looking forward to teaching the class."

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