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Eric Agazim to hold two-day course on fundamentals of investing

Erik Agazim

Erik Agazim

According to a recent survey, almost half of US citizens currently have no stock market investments in place.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2018 / -- "It's a shocking statistic," says Miami businessman Erik Agazim.

The poll, by American research and public opinion polling company Gallup, reveals a number of startling truths about the state of investing in America in 2018.

"I'm a keen investor," says Erik Agazim. "You don't need to be wealthy or hugely knowledgeable to make a small, initial investment in stocks. Once you understand the basics, investing even a small amount becomes a no-brainer."

Indeed, the same survey showed that, on the whole, those with long-term investments—those made over a period of 10 or more years—have seen sizable returns. In recent years, stocks have typically returned, on average, 7-9% annually. This compares to only 2-4% over the same period for more popular real estate investments.

It's with these numbers in mind that Agazim is concerned about the country's current attitude towards investing.

"Compared to a decade ago, the number of American citizens investing in stocks is down by over 15 percent," Agazim notes, referring back to the survey.

He continues, "As a trend, it's going the wrong way. More Americans need to be investing, not less!"

Having considered the possibilities, Agazim has now arranged to hold a two-day course on the fundamentals of investing for those in the Sarasota area.

"Most people understand the importance of investing in real estate," says Agazim, "but all too often, people are overlooking wider investment opportunities. What's more, investing in stocks is generally much more straightforward than investing in property, all things considered."

While real estate investments are typically more tangible, easier to quantify and analyze, more insulated, and often a source of pride, Agazim is out to fight the corner for stock market investing.

"Above and beyond the higher rates of return, investments in stock are more liquid, less work, offer more variety, and come with lower transaction fees and costs," says the avid investor. "There are tax benefits too, which people often do not realize."

He continues, "These are the sort of topics I want to cover in my course."

Erik Agazim wants the course to be open to all age ranges and levels of understanding, irrespective of how much a person may—or may not—end up wishing to invest.

"I like giving back to the community, and I think, on the whole, that many people can benefit by learning more about the fundamentals of investing in stocks," he notes.

"The course will be free of jargon, and nobody will be trying to selling anything. At the very least, it's an excuse for like-minded locals to get together, chat, and enjoy a few cups of coffee," notes Agazim cheerily.

Details of the free two-day course will be made available soon.

"In the meantime," concludes Agazim, "I'd urge anyone who hasn't already to familiarize themselves with the basics of stock market investing. It's an opportunity which should be overlooked by nobody in 2018."

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