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Hologram Rental Company Rents multiple 3D holographic displays for HAVC Expo at McCormick Place Chicago

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Expo at McCormick Place Chicago

3D Hologram Rental Company suppplies multiple holographic display units for convention center in Chicago

The rental model really gives them the best bang for the buck. They still get the content they want, stand out from the crowd, but they don’t need to own the equipment year round.””
— Mark R. Smith
CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / -- Hologram rental company is announcing the successful implementation of two hologram displays recently showcased at the 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago. The annual air-conditioning, heating, and refrigerating expo’s 2018 event was held at McCormick Place Chicago—a venue large enough to accommodate the thousands of HAVC professionals in attendance. The 3d displays created by 3D Hologram Rentals were commissioned and developed specifically for this event.

The rental client for this project, RenewAire is based in Madison WI and specializes in what’s known as energy recovery ventilation. RenewAire was a perfect fit for holographic displays because energy recovery ventilation is both novel and complex, making it difficult to attract sustained attention. The hologram displays built and customized specifically for this client and this trade show were able to generate buzz and awareness around RenewAire’s complex products in a crowded and distracting environment.

“This was a really great project,” said Mark Smith, owner and founder of 3D Hologram Rentals in Chicago. “Not only did we get to provide custom holograms displays for this trade show, but the team at RenewAire we're absolutely great to work with and a class act! . They really pushed the envelope of the technology—to create something really novel and unexpected.” Smith went on to describe the installation’s success in garnering attention at the AHR Expo. “This is something that many of our clients have been asking for specifically because it’s a great way to get attention.”

That attention can be difficult to achieve otherwise in a convention setting. Trade shows, such as the 2018 AHR Expo, often have thousands of attending brands, companies, and individuals, all vying for the attention of patrons. In recent years, 3D holograms at trade shows and conventions has become an innovative way to stand out. Firms such as 3D Hologram Rentals have sought to find newer and easier ways for trade show attendees to take advantage of new technology.

That’s why many firms now prefer to rent holographic displays for conventions and trade shows. Renting an installation still allows clients, such as RenewAire, to develop custom content and novel displays. But there’s added flexibility in renting for these big conventions and events due to the infrequent nature of trade shows. “Most clients only attend two or three shows a year,” Smith said. “So the rental model really gives them the best bang for the buck. They still get the content they want, they get to stand out from the crowd, but they don’t need to take on the liability of owning this equipment year round.”

The popularity of the rental model has increased as competition for attention at trade shows has intensified. As RenewAire illustrated at the 2018 AHS Expo—which focuses on the newest innovations in HVAC—having the advantage of 3D holographic displays can help you stand out from the crowd. And with a show floor as crowded as those at modern trade shows, it’s no wonder that hologram displays are fast becoming a popular choice at conventions. The custom 3D holographic display installed by 3D Hologram Rentals in Chicago is more evidence that this innovative technology isn’t just a trend—it’s here to stay and it’s the way of the future.

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About 3D Hologram Rentals: 3D Hologram Rentals is a Chicago-based holographic display rental company. 3D Hologram Rentals offers 3DHR displays that clients can use live and on site. Because of their extensive history using holographic technologies, the team at 3D Hologram Rentals is able to create cutting edge, attention-grabbing displays. With 3D Hologram Rentals, you are working with leaders in the industry, exceptionally focused on creating new experiences for your guests and clients - 3D, life-like images in a powerful POP or trade show tool. - Incorporate physical elements and actual products into your display. - Set up for any environment - just add power. - Incredible interactive control over your imagery. - Sleek, modern design that puts the focus on your product or company. - Build audience engagement and interest. - Exceptional return on investment.

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