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Femininity Coach Denise Barragan to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2018 / -- Every woman wants to enjoy an intimate joyful relationship with their partner and when it’s not happening tend to feel disheartened and miserable. The truth is many of the reasons they are not finding fulfillment can be attributed to their own lack of self-confidence and vulnerabilities.

Denise is a leading professional femininity coach helping women get reacquainted with their divine feminine self and reconnected with their sexual power.

“Women are so accustomed to feel ashamed and guilty about being in our sexual glory and so conditioned about religion, family beliefs and how society has acclimated us,” says Denise. “We forget we have this divine feminine power that we need to be in touch with and love and nourish her.”

Growing up in a restricted upbringing, Denise felt awkwardness regarding her own sexuality as taboo. When she later married and found herself sexually incompatible with her husband she realized she needed to let go of all her inhibitions. Finding that so many other women were discouraged in their relationships, she knew her calling was to go into coaching.

“Helping my clients fall back in love with their bodies in my sessions is crucial particularly when they possess a negative feeling of self-worth,” explains Denise. “The key is all about having a high level of self-confidence. When you enter a room in your sexual power and emanate a glow of confidence it’s alluring and irresistible. When you exude joy people can sense it and men will be totally attracted to your magnificent radiance.”

Most women tend to feel overly self-consciousness in the bedroom when the reality is men aren’t focused on whether or not you have cellulite or a belly, rather that you are radiating enjoyment.
“It’s our birthright to be sexually satisfied and a monumental part of our health and wellness.,” says Denise. “People are so focused on eating healthy they forget to nourish that sexual power that they have within that leads to optimum fitness mind, body, and soul.”

According to Denise, when women are sexually active they are so conditioned to think love and intimacy go hand in hand and should be in a relationship with their partner, whereas men possess the ability to separate sex from love and consequently are able to experience more fulfillment.

“Women are taught by society’s standards not to feel whole unless they are married and I’m here to advocate against that,” says Denise. “We can have lovers without being married as long as that makes us feel good about ourselves.”

If you can imagine the world where people are totally gratified, stress free, and joyful than this it’s priceless that women should seek to be in their feminine power.

“I strongly urge all women to allow yourself to be free with your sexuality,” says Denise. “Realize that this is your birthright and to nourish that beautiful divine feminine power you have and live your life with pleasure on all levels.”

CUTV news will feature Denise Barragan in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Friday January 24rd at 1 pm EST.

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