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Bob Whipple, The Trust Ambassador to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2018 / -- According to Bob Whipple “The Trust Ambassador,” the magic sauce that makes any organization run at optimal levels is TRUST. Leaders who know how to build and maintain high trust run organizations that are between 2-5 times more profitable than low trust groups. Would higher trust benefit your organization?

Among his numerous honors and awards, Bob’s consistent thought leadership about trust over many years has earned him the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for Trust Leadership by Trust Across America: Trust Around the World. Fewer than 30 people on the planet have earned that distinction.

Bob speaks to groups across industries on how to build and maintain trust within an organization. His ideas are not only highly entertaining, they are inspiring to leaders looking for a sustainable way to realize competitive advantage, while maintaining high standards of ethics. Bob teaches that a culture of trust is much more productive, and problems are fewer and more easily solved. Presto – leadership becomes a joy rather than drudgery.

A prolific content producer with four books of his own, Bob is a contributing author to five other books. He has published over 600 articles and produced over 100 videos that highlight his theories on how leaders can achieve better performance while simultaneously having more fun. Poor leadership is painful; great leadership is a blast.

Bob focuses on showing leaders at all levels what real trust is, how powerful it is at changing the corporate ballgame, how to achieve it consistently, and how to repair damaged trust. You’ll want to tune in to his insightful interview, packed with practical tips that can change the way you think about the culture in your organization to allow the achievement of its potential. The good news is that while the benefits of trust are immense, the methods to achieve it are not rocket science; they simply require a shift in the actions of leaders.

The most significant behavior change is to learn how to REINFORCE CANDOR, which is a method of reducing the fear in the organization, so its people can express themselves without having to worry about being punished. Bob has highly entertaining devices and illustrations to drive home his points; this keep leaders laughing while they are learning the most critical skills.

People enjoy his analogy of the “I AM RIGHT” button that he wears and often passes out at events. The idea is that every person believes his or her opinions, so when they are shared with leaders, they deserve to be heard and considered seriously. Bob shows leaders how easy this is to do and how powerful it is at creating a culture where trust grows reliably and spontaneously. The genius is in the simplicity of the method and the ease of application once leaders understand it completely. Trust within a large organization can be completely turned around in just a few months rather than enduring years of spotty progress.

You will want to hear more, explore Bob’s theories, and learn how they make the difference.

CUTV NEWS will feature Bob Whipple “The Trust Ambassador” in a live interview with Jim Masters on January 24th at noon. Listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio

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