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Solar Ship to Launch Idea Tournament for First Nations Youth to Join Anti-Poaching Team in Zambia

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 16, 2018 / -- Today, Solar Ship announced it is launching an Idea Tournament to recruit First Nations youth to join its anti-poaching project in Zambia.

Solar Ship and Peace + Freedom Services Zambia has organized a pilot project to create anti-poaching services in Zambia’s national parks. The project is inviting First Nations youth to join forces with Zambian youth in operating drones and aerostats to support efforts to stop poaching. Youth in Zambia and First Nations communities will be recruited to join the project through an Idea Tournament to be launched in April 2018.

Peace + Freedom’s Managing Director in Zambia, Mataka Nkhoma: “Solar Ship’s work with First Nations in Canada inspired us to think differently about how to develop an anti-poaching service for our national parks. Not only are a number of species such as elephants and rhinos being killed in large numbers, but park wardens lives are also under threat from poachers. It is a really bad situation. Solar Ship’s project with First Nations partners using drones and aerostats for monitoring caribou convinced us First Nations could bring a different perspective to Zambians on using these technologies for addressing the challenges faced by our national parks. Youth living in the greater parks areas are critical to getting community support. A diversity of youth operating Solar Ship drones and aerostats will bring new ways of thinking about how to engage community support for protecting species-at-risk and protecting the lives of national park staff.”

Solar Ship’s CEO, Jay Godsall: “Creating an exchange between First Nations and Zambians is just the beginning. One technology being used by very different cultures can create all kinds of innovation we have not yet considered. We have organized idea tournaments before in Canada, Madagascar, Burundi and Tanzania and people always surprise you with how they think your technology can be used. We plan to expand the project to include youth from First Nations across North America and Africa. While the cultures are different, the colonial roots and national parks history are similar. Both have vast remote areas traditionally rich in big species of animals whose numbers are dropping fast. Bringing First Nations intelligence to entrenched African problems is a great first step. We hope to bring Africans to the Canadian Arctic as well.”


Solar Ship Inc. is the world leader in developing solar powered hybrid aircraft and aerostats. Its head office is in Toronto with operations in Brantford, Ontario, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. Solar Ship develops hybrid aircraft and aerostats to service remote areas. The aircraft uses two forms of lift: buoyant lift like an airship, combined with aerodynamic lift like a bush plane. This creates the capacity to fly large loads into areas without infrastructure and it enables the aircraft to fly without the use of fossil fuels. Solar Ship’s aerostats are solar powered tethered balloons providing low cost, internet connectivity in remote areas.


Headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, Peace + Freedom is a network of entrepreneurs operating in South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Burundi, DRC, Kenya and Tanzania. They work with veteran peacekeepers to provide peace services to save lives and they work with entrepreneurs to provide freedom services – communications, transport, logistics and finance.

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Solar Ship Inc.
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