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John Pentland of John Pentland Copywriting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

KOKOMO, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2018 / -- While many people who retire see it as the end of something, for copywriter John Pentland, retiring was the opposite; the beginning of a new journey, a new business, and a never-ending quest to learn and expand his mind.

“Do something totally different than what you’ve done before. It’s what keeps your mind sharp. You stay vital and keep growing,” the plant technician turned wordsmith notes.

Pentland’s copywriting career began when he’d gotten a website and decided to write some e-mails that would drive new traffic to it. Creating more interest in a business fits with his view of the copywriter’s mission: “to persuade people to do something; perhaps sign up on a list, give their e-mail address out, or buy something. " According to Pentland, copywriters like him produce sales letters, e-mails, blog posts, landing pages, and he notes, with his endearing down-home sincerity “that type of thing.”

Pentland is seeking to expand clientele in the B2B market and aims to focus on fluid tools and hydraulic power, areas of expertise he knows from spending 40 years working with machinery in a casting plant in his hometown of Kokomo. “It’s a factory town,” he says of the business landscape there, signified by auto industry leaders like Chrysler and (at one-time) GM. He notes local business has been booming over the last five or six years.

While business was growing, so was Pentland’s mind. He began learning, studying, reading and going after his new dream. Many of his moves were guided by philosophies and affirmations. One such philosophy is the law of attraction, which essentially states that “what you want also wants you.” Another big influence was Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Pentland says when he read the book and its 64 principles, “I realized I had been living them all along and didn’t know it.” He adds that he has led a pretty good life, and at nearly 70, he is doing far better than others his age.

Age may not have affected his intellect, but it has changed his attitudes. He keeps reworking each piece till he gets it to perfection. He has goals and affirmations. He has no patience for phonies. He has learned a lot of new things. And he laughs more often. “In my older life I take things differently than I did 30 years ago,” Pentland says.

CUTV News Radio will spotlight John Pentland Copywriting in an interview with Jim Masters on January 18th at 10am.

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