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Dr. Janet Smith Warfield to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2018 / -- Every day each of us uses words to try to understand our world and communicate that understanding to others. But do we realize we can choose our words intentionally and powerfully to co-create the kind of world in which we want to live?

Janet is a renowned international speaker, workshop facilitator, Amazon Best Selling Author, and creator of Word Sculptures. Word Sculptures is an art, not a science. Janet has been playing and experimenting with this art for more than fifty years.

“You can choose to hear another person’s words not as the truth of the situation but as their perception of It,” says Janet. “It may be their truth but it’s not necessarily the truth. People create their own word sculptures of what is transpiring in their lives. Each of us creates word maps of our experiences, each in our own unique way.”

Fifty years ago, Janet had a sudden, unexpected, unifying, holistic experience. When she tried to talk about it, she was met with blank stares. Her challenge became: how does one use analytic, divisive words to communicate a unifying holistic experience? It was like trying to use a screwdriver to hammer a nail. When Janet changed the word “communicate” to “facilitate,” she realized that the intention behind her words would always be the same: to open up peoples’ minds, to clarify the meanings of the words we use, to transcend the words, and to unify, align, and bring people together.

As an example, if someone is angry with you, instead of arguing, you can simply say, “I am so sorry. What can I do to make things okay”?

“Everyone’s perception and way of word-mapping what they experience is absolutely valid,” explains Janet. “It’s really important when you’re doing the mapping of your own experience to do it without censorship. This does not mean you necessarily use the same words when speaking with another.”

According to Janet, the way we understand our world and the words we use to describe it evolves from our personal upbringing. We are all conditioned to think certain ways from the time we are born. Words separate, divide, and categorize. The fact Is, in every single moment all of us are dancing with words, wisdom, our emotions, and our experiences. If we want to live in a peaceful, powerful, prosperous planet, each of us can set our intentions and with our words co-create our reality.”

“We would all be dancing and co-creating with one another if we followed these guidelines,” says Janet. Each of us possesses a unique gift with which to serve the world and one another. Our spiritual path is finding that magnificent gift and courageously and humbly offering it back to dutifully serve the entire planet.”

According to Janet, It’s vital we follow this path or we will obliterate and destroy the human species. By choosing our words wisely and experiencing them within ourselves, we can transform that radiant, luminous energy into something courageous, life-affirming and beautiful.

“Words can separate and divide us or they can bring us together,” says Janet. “Each and every one of us gets to choose our own words in each and every moment. When we become aware of the tremendous power of our words and choices, we can co-create a peaceful, powerful, prosperous dynamic planet that respects the unique offerings of each and every one of us. There is only one rule: do no harm.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Janet Smith Warfield in an interview with Jim Masters on January 2nd at 1pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on January 9th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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