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Rosanne Hanley To Host Art Auction For Up And Coming Artists

Rosanne Hanley

Rosanne Hanley

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2018 / -- Many artists are looking to feature their artwork in different ways. While many are looking for more attention to their work, almost all artists are hoping to receive payment for specific pieces. Rosanne Hanley hopes to host an art auction to benefit a local charity, but also help new artists gain attention.

"There are numerous artists in the area looking for a way to formally present their artwork and get noticed," says Hanley. "Hosting this art event would be beneficial for the charity and the artists."

Without a gallery to present the air, Hanely's creative side will come out as she seeks a venue. Because of the lack of studios in the area, artists have a hard time displaying their pieces. Hanley hopes to change that permanently by raising money to build a studio in the city.

The process of hosting the event is simple. First, Hanley will find a proper venue in the city that can hold many pieces of art and a large gathering of attendees. Then Hanley will start to promote the event for artists who are interested in signing up.

"This will give artists a chance to have an upscale and formal experience presenting their pieces," adds Hanley. "Many artists have not had their pieces in a public setting, and that the experience will help them down the road for more events."

While there are studios in the area where these artists work, there is not a formal setting to present. As of right now, these artists rely on social media and word of mouth to get noticed. And to sell pieces, it takes a more creative process to earn money.

Another idea for Hanley has been a "pop-up" formal artist feature at different locations in the city. Instead of having one static location, different businesses or shops in the town can host these events. The idea is being thrown out by Hanley and her close friends when planning. These events would be significant to bring foot traffic for businesses, but also a way to feature pieces of art in different settings.

"One month our event could reside in a coffee shop," explains Hanley. "Then, another week could take place at a clothing store. The options are unlimited when going this route of presentations of art."

The auction-style will become simplified during the evening. The pieces of art will become featured on the walls of the establishment location. Then, the artwork will have a number associated with that work. The silent auction then takes place, with a list of bidders on the item.

"The auction becomes exciting for the artists because they watch the bidding go up over the course of the night," says Hanley. "Plus, the attendees can interact with the artist directly. This aspect adds that personal contact and connection between buyer and seller."

Artwork by local artists is all over the city. Patrons of businesses can see artwork on the walls with a price tag attached. There's no connection with the artist or even who made it. Having these gallery sessions creates a bond and sense of a relationship between the two parties.

As for the charity, Hanley will be donating money to start a funding program for helping children get into art. The funds raised will go towards setting up the program and purchasing supplies. Then, the charity hosts events for children to learn about art and creative outlets.

"With social media and computers, lots of children are losing the creative aspect of a canvas and colors," says Hanley. "Money raised from selling the pieces will go towards the artists, but also help the charity and children stay creative in their young years."

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