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Lorlett Hudson of One Hand Can’t Clap to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 2, 2018 / -- Our communities derive their strength from the people, the relationships between those people, and the willingness of those people to work together toward a common goal. Without that you can't do much at all. That's the foundation of community.

Lorlett Hudson is the founder of One Hand Can’t Clap, a London-based coaching practice dedicated to helping organizations and individuals in transition through leadership development.

"’One hand can't clap’ is a Jamaican proverb that means ‘No one individual can work by themselves,’” says Hudson. “If you're up to playing the big game of transforming the world and the future, you have to stand for something and inspire others, because you can’t do it by yourself.”

Much of Hudson’s work emphasizes the importance of mentors. This is especially relevant in her own community.

“In African-Caribbean communities, the older generation was always there,” says Hudson. “So you could always go to an aunt or an uncle's. They would be there for you to tap into. That generation is disappearing. It’s the breakdown of the extended family and family structure.”

“As a child, I grew up with storytelling. Storytelling is what connects people. Part of my work is connecting people and enabling them to create a community where they can share and benefit from the support of others.”

In response, Hudson has created Things Momma Used to Say, a box of cards with 52 Jamaican proverbs.

“I use it to connect people through storytelling. We remember them with a laugh, but they are a vital source of wisdom and everyday life skills,” says Hudson. “Once you get connected to it you begin to explore your own heritage, that's what the cards do. When I run workshops with leaders, it allows them to realize different worlds are similar.”

Maya Angelou once said, "People don't care what you say. People don't care what you give them. All people are interested in how you make them feel."

“This is what my work is about,” says Hudson. “It's about being able to connect with people. You need that to be a leader. Everything can be solved with communication. I decided to create these cards to enable people to speak, So long as you can communicate with each other you can solve it.”

“What I'm really proud of enabling individuals to make decisions about their lives that they normally wouldn't,” says Hudson. “I created this business in 1999 and it has touched hundreds of lives. People have gone on to do things that they would never have done otherwise.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Lorlett Hudson in an interview with Jim Masters on January 4th at 10am EST.

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