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Kim Habibi To Host Game Night In The Community For Families

Dr. Bahram Habibi

Dr. Bahram Habibi

I’ve been to several such events where one card game became played for the entire evening,”
— Kim Habibi
SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2018 / -- Game nights are a staple in many families and circles of friends. From standard board games to different online contests, these nights are fun and provide relief of a long week of work. Kim Habibi hopes to combine the love of games with the community for one significant event.

Habibi has begun the planning process of hosting one game night in the city, consisting of residents bringing their games. Also, games will be available at the event for people who cannot produce their own. Habibi believes this game night idea will be successful since she knows so many people who have their game nights at home.

"I've always loved getting together with friends for games on the weekend," says Habibi. "Being able to not worry about the stress of work or personal issues is something every person should experience through game nights."

Many game nights are small gatherings inside homes. According to Habibi, she has never experienced a large crowd of people playing different games.

While Habibi hopes residents will bring their owned games to the event, she is attempting to contact local businesses to donate.

"These games can be a board or any interactive fun game," explains Habibi. "The only rule associated with this event will feature games that are multiplayer."

The amusements themselves are there to provide entertainment and an avenue for conversation without slowing the night down. Unless you know the people, the games should be small, they should be simple to teach, and they should encourage a passion to replay it in at least some participants.

Also, there are significant games that break both the short and the easy to teach rules stated above. But when you’re seeking this out for the first night, participants should stick to games that are both short and easy to explain.

"The least costly way to start is with card games," states Habibi. "Especially games that can become played with a conventional pack of playing cards."

These games work very well with large groups of people, as many such games play with a partner against another party.

"I’ve been to several such events where one card game became played for the entire evening," says Habibi.  Then, the winning team at each table moves up, and the losing side at each table was stepping down. With a large gathering, many games can take place at once."

Also, the advantage of card games is that the equipment cost is meager. It’s an efficient way to measure the interest in gaming among the crowd. The only disadvantage is with a deck of cards can seem tiresome after a period-of-time, mainly when there is such a wide diversity of games available. Because of multiple games present in one room, there shouldn't be bored participants.

Long game nights means people need to eat. Habibi is focusing on local businesses donating food to feed participants.

"We will also focus on potluck meals, where guests bring a side dish," adds Habibi.  "Often, these meals are prepared in a slow cooker so that the meal can be served during the evening whenever there’s a break at the event."

Soup, pizza, popcorn, and other simple food would become available for participants as well.

The planning for this event is still early, and Habibi hopes for a spring date when the weather is beautiful. She also hopes more local businesses become involved in the process and donate goods for winners.

"I want to make this game night something that catches on," says Habibi. And this event becomes a regular date in the community. If this one goes well, I can see game nights popping up more frequently."

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