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Kim Habibi Wants To Hold City Pet Wash To Raise Money For Animal Shelter

Dr. Bahram Habibi

Dr. Bahram Habibi

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2018 / -- Calling all dirty pets and their owners; there will be a chance to clean your dog and raise money at the same time. Kim Habibi hopes to hold a pet wash fundraiser in the city to raise funds for the local animal shelter.

Every dog owner wants a clean dog, but groomers can cost a lot to make them look gorgeous. Also, sometimes a pet needs that extra attention a regular bath just cannot provide. That's why Habibi is offering this particular service while all money goes to the local animal shelter.

"It's a win-win for the owners, pets, and the shelter," says Habibi. "While the cost won't be as much as a grooming service, owners will know that the extra money will become donated to a great organization."

Plans for the wash are still premature, but Habibi hopes to have a set date shortly. The cold weather will not be a factor because she hopes to have the event at a local pet store in the grooming facility. It will allow the store for extra foot traffic and participants can roam around the store while waiting for their pet.

The local animal shelter provides care and treatment for animals in need of good homes. Funds always are donated to the shelter, but they still are willing to raise more money.

"The fundraiser is simple and straightforward," explains Habibi. "Any person who has their pet washed will have their money go straight to the shelter."

Costs for Habibi won't be a high amount. Since the pet wash happens at the local pet store, all the equipment becomes taken care of inside the facility.

"Cost for the shampoo and promotion of the event are the only expenses so far," says Habibi. "The amount raised will exceed any costs I have to incur during this fundraiser."

Not only will dogs receive proper grooming and a cleaning, but Habibi will also organize doggy bags.

These doggy bags will consist of little treats and toys that Habibi will collect at the local pet store. Items like dog brushes, biscuits, balls, and flavored bones will become included in these bags. After a dog receives a bath, they will become rewarded for their tolerance.

Habibi is not worried about working with different dogs throughout the fundraiser. She has plenty of experience working with dogs.

"I love dogs. I grew up around them for a good portion of my life," explains Habibi. "Many dogs do not like being washed, primarily by a stranger. But I'll have some treats handy to give away to distract the dogs."

Another aspect of the pet wash will be competitions. Habibi plans to have a contest on the finest-looking pet and the most obedient.

Administrative work still needs to take place before the pet wash can finalize. Certain aspects need coordinating to alert the community the purpose of the event.

"Plans to advertise in the newspaper, television, and other media outlets are still being worked out," says Habibi. "The pet wash is open to anyone. That means neighboring communities can come and donate."

Reaching multiple communities will be necessary for Habibi as the animal shelter helps animals in the greater city area.

"The animal shelter takes in pets from all over the area, and have found a home in different cities for these animals," says Habibi. "While it's great to host the event in my hometown, it's imperative to spread the world across city lines into other communities."

Finally, the pet wash will take place over a weekend. This multiple-day event will allow Habibi to raise the most money.

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