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Ensemble Investment Corporation to enable world virtual currencies exchange technology.

HONG KONG, CHINA, December 29, 2017 / -- The proposal of decentralizing currencies marks the beginning of the virtual stage of human history in the virtual currency network. However, among the traditional virtual currencies headed by bitcoin, the investment risks will also increase greatly due to the high unit price of monopolism in the later period. Based on this phenomenon, Ensemble Investment Corporation was started.

Since the launch of the Ethereum project in 2015, countless investors are beginning to pay attention to this important area. In 2017, Ensemble Investment Corporation started the sales and marketing of the Ethereum Union(ETU), staging a limelight in development of the world virtual currency market. Ethereum Union evolves from concept of Ethereum.

Ethereum Union was established as a new virtual currency created by one of the most professional financial management team in the world at this stage. Not only is it capable of avoiding the risk of world financial fluctuations by itself, ETU will also become a benchmark for online trading currency, and due to the decentralization of related concepts, research and development. At the same time, the ETU cryptocurrency, developed by utilizing the technology such as contract wallet, not only can realize the seamless connection with other currencies, but also can exchange the payment function in a faster time. Therefore, ETU will also become the only currency in the of Ethereum system.

With the support of a series of high-tech enterprises, Ensembles Investment Corporation has succeeded in achieving a perfect transformation, as its uses Ethereum’s regional blockchain scalability for major companies to provide data encryption, financial services, etc. Being a member of the Ethereum enterprises, Ensembles Investment Corporation mainly provides technical services for large enterprises; its own ETU has become the main stream in the channel of technology and related services in large-scale Companies. This very unique design concept shall make Ensembles Investment Corporation’s ETU stand out in the virtual currency legacy, especially between the major companies. Based on this phenomenon, many investors are also beginning to see the future direction of Ensembles Investment Corporation.

In the operating system of the company, the future output will inevitably be reduced, but for the investors, this being considered non-renewable resources which will inevitably become an asset in the Cryptocurrency Exchange in the future.

Thus, with the emergence of Ensembles Investment Corporation, expect investors to flock to the market and quickly popularize the ETU, fulfilling their prediction that in a matter of 10 months, the price of the ETU will rise 50 times over.

Jol Mayer
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