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Corrupticut: The Shocking Net-worth of CONnStep's Political Cronies

Political Cronies of Connecticut-Based Connstep, Inc.

Senate candidate (I-CT) calls for an investigation on lawmakers allegedly getting kickbacks from tax-funded corporations

Every business in this country has the free choice to be ISO certified and accredited by an American organization or foreign. Patriots will always put America first.”
— Henry Kroger

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, US, December 20, 2017 / -- Hartford, CT - For decades, under Democrat leadership, Connecticut has been notorious for political corruption. Today, the Constitution state is getting national attention once again with accusations of another scandal involving Connecticut's political elites and their corporate cronies. The matter has been brought to the attention of Attorney General Jeff Sessions because of federal involvement.

Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC, LLC ( a consultation firm in Stratford, CT with offices in Boston and Manhattan has called for an immediate federal investigation to probe politicians associated with Connstep, Inc, a state and federally-funded business management firm in Rocky Hill receiving millions of dollars with a substantial portion going to its leadership. Guberman is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the organization for corporate bribery, defrauding taxpayers, violating anti-competitive laws, and corporate cronyism involving numerous Connecticut lawmakers.

Guberman and supporters are outraged over some of Connecticut's wealthiest politicians having questionable relationships with Connstep and its CEO Bonnie Del Conte. Public records show U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) appears to be one of the major figures behind Connstep, Inc. receiving millions of dollars in questionable state and federal funds. Etsy has a net-worth of $5.5 million according to Inside-Gov and appears to be close friends with Connstep CEO, Bonnie Del Conte.

Guberman released a series of videos citing details of Connstep's questionable business activities and the possibility of bribery between tax-funded companies and Connecticut lawmakers:

* Shocking Networth of CONstep Cronies Elizabeth Etsy, Rosa, Delauro, James Himes & Dick Blumenthal:

* CONstep Receives 4.2 Million In Tax Money; Management Gets Whopping 64.85%

* Governor Dan Malloy's Questionable Affiliations With State-Funded Connstep:

Esty is no stranger of cronyism with corporations. In 2012, then a third candidate in the state's 5th District race, she came under heavy scrutiny for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from companies that her husband, Dan, regulates as commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. According to Connecticut Magazine, Etsy returned some of the money, the Connecticut Citizens Action Group filed a wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request scrutinizing the corporate donations received by Etsy and the purpose behind the money. See

In addition to Esty's substantial net-worth, other political cronies of Connstep have become increasingly wealthy after working with the organization. According to oversight groups, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) has a growing net-worth of $15.2 million; U.S. Rep James Himes (D-CT) has a net-worth of $6.5 million; and Sen. Dick Blumenthal, one of the wealthiest in congress has a net-worth of $81.7 million. All individuals have been shown in photographs with Ms Del Conte, a recipient herself of large sums of tax money. See

"The concern of the public is not the surprisingly high net-worth of these Connecticut lawmakers, but rather, the relationship they have with an organization that is state and federally funded and a recipient of millions of dollars from taxpayers, particularly the struggling middle class," said Henry Kroger, author of the soon to be published, 'Connecticut Politicians and Corporate Cronyism.'

Recently, Wall Street Select published a story on Connstep being the subject of an investigation by the Connecticut Attorney General's office for business defamation and anti-competitive business practices. The AG complaint, filed by Mr. Guberman cites the actions of Connstep employee Robert Colapietro purposely misleading a customer of Guberman's regarding his accreditation for ISO certifications issued by his company. Guberman said Colapietro's attempt to attack the authenticity of his accreditation has failed. “G-PMC Group is a federally recognized registrar for ISO certification, and is compliant with all state and federal laws,” said Guberman. Records confirm Guberman's company is indeed fully accredited in good standing.

"Connstep's Mr Colapietro attempted and failed to swindle our customer into being accredited by the notorious ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), which is over-seen by China-lead International Accreditation Forum (IAF)," said Guberman. According to news reports both ANAB and IAF have long been under the same leadership despite appearing to the public of being impartial, and both organizations have been a subject of complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission and Attorney Generals in Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut and New York.

“The time is coming when companies of all sizes in this country with allegiance to a foreign certification or accreditation body to be unmasked for opposing American interests and harming the American worker through its foreign oversight,” said Donald LaBelle, Chairman of the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC). He added, “Lawmakers and the leaders of American manufacturers must put our people first by ensuring their quality certification is issued and accredited by a US-based organization that is completely independent of any foreign influence while integrating ISO and American quality standards and values.”

Guberman said in 2018 the game is over for companies thumbing their nose to Veterans and hard working families, their anti-American leadership will be exposed one-by-one just like Connstep. He concluded, “Let it be known, businesses in this country with preference to be over-seen directly or indirectly by China-lead IAF or any other foreign over-sight body will be revealed to the American public. It all ends now."

G-PMC's website is announcing all patriotic citizens, veterans and congressional candidates independent of any political party are welcome to join their movement which is slowly but consistently spreading across the country within the quality community.

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U.S. Rep Elizabeth Esty's Picks Your Pocket $5 Million For Her Friend Bonnie Del Conte of CONnstep, Inc.

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